The iFanboy Letter Column – 07/02/2010

Friday means many things to many people. For some, Friday means movie night. For others, Friday means pure unbridled hedonism. For some, it’s both. For others, neither.

At iFanboy, Friday means it’s letter column time.

You write. We answer. Very simple.

As always, if you want to have your e-mail read on the any of our shows or answered here, keep them coming —

I was very jealous that Josh used the opportunity of Ron and I being away to use last week’s letters column to clear out his mailbag. So I thought I’d take this opportunity, considering that Josh is away, to clear out some of my mailbag!

I usually let e-mails pile up because I either don’t have a good answer to the question (and neither do the other guys) or because the answer is too short for our shows or for the letters column. But maybe if I string a bunch of short answers together I’ll have enough for my end of the letters column. Let’s find out, shall we?

Conor Kilpatrick


So we all know about the new Green Hornet movie coming out. There is a lot of hype behind this movie and to be honest I know literally nothing about The Green Hornet. Can you suggest any trades I should pick up to catch up on the Green Hornet bandwagon.

Carter from Pennsylvania

Can’t really help you with Green Hornet. Before seeing the new trailer the only time in my life that I had ever experienced The Green Hornet was when he and Kato (played by Bruce Lee!) showed up on the old Adam West Batman. Dynamite is putting out a bunch of Green Hornet comics but reviews are mixed. Josh really didn’t like the one issue of the Kevin Smith written Green Hornet title that he read. Matt Wagner is writing Green Hornet: Year One, and that’s probably good, and informative.

I’m a trade guy so maybe this has been answered in the single issues already…

My understanding was that Bruce Wayne was sent back in time, which explains his current absence from current events. My question is how is Bruce a Black Lantern/battery if he’s in the past?

Jakari from Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Batman that showed up in Blackest Night wasn’t actually Batman. It was a clone. That’s why he didn’t display any personality when he was resurrected.

I’m thinking about buying the Joker GN and Batman: The Man Who Laughs GN, and I’ve seen a Biography of Lex Luthor GN on eBay. Would you recommend buying any of these and, if not, what have been some of the best stories featuring these classic villains?

Scott from Orlando, Florida

Sure. They’re all good books. I like The Man Who Laughs the best of the three — it’s written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Doug Mahnke!

I know that Conor loves Superman: The Man of Steel origin story that John Byrne did but I was wondering what your thoughts are on Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid, personally I can’t say enough good things about it. It is my favorite Superman story and if I had to be on an island and could only have one book, it would be that book. So I would just like to hear what you guys thought about it, if you liked it why or why not?

Lex Prime from Brantford, Ontario, Canada

I remember liking Superman: Birthright okay when it came out originally, but for the life of me I can’t tell you a thing about it now. Didn’t Clark go to Africa or something? Like a trip around the world before moving to Metropolis? I vaguely remember something like that. But that’s it. It didn’t stick with me at all. Meanwhile, I can describe Superman: Man of Steel chapter and verse. Clearly, that one made much more of an impression on me.

I just finished reading Teen Titans: The Judas Contract and rather enjoyed it. I’ve often heard about the controversial themes of Terra’s smoking, evilness and the very blatant underage relationship she engages in with Deathstroke, but the one thing I’ve never heard talked about and can’t really find much discussion on the internet for is Wintergreen’s sexuality.

As a reader, I felt there were some rather obvious hints that there was relationship (though possibly one-sided) between Wintergreen and Deathstroke. There were some revealing lines such as “I know his pleasures and his pains” and one or two others. So what do you think? Am I reading too much into it or is this something that readers overlooked in lieu of the more obvious and flashy relationship between Terra and Deathstorke?


You know, as much as I love The Judas Contract, I haven’t read it in forever. I need to find a trade and rectify that. Anyway, not having read it in a while I can’t comment on any sexual subtext between Slade Wilson (AKA Deathstroke the Terminator) and his loyal manservant Wintergreen. It’s certainly possible that we were all too busy being skeeved out by the sexual relationship between Slade and the underage Terra to notice any simmering forbidden chemistry between Wintergreen and Slade. Were they the precursor to Mr. Burns and Smithers, perhaps?

Conor Kilpatrick


I suppose I have to play along, huh?  Okay, here goes…

Ron Richards

I have always thought of the pronunciation of the name Thanos with a short “a” sound, because Thanos takes his name from Thanatos. However, iFanboy has agreed that it is a long a sound, and it sounds sooooo wrong!

Vichus S.

I’ll be honest with you here. I have no idea how to pronounce Thanos. I’ve heard it pronounced “THA-nos” and I’ve also heard it pronounced “THAN-os.” You could be right about him taking his name from Thanatos, but I have no idea how to pronounce that either. I figure just go with what works for you.

I was just re-reading an old Justice League trade with a Plastic Man dream sequence having the JLA playing baseball. With baseball rosters being finalized today, I was wondering what your superhero baseball team roster would look like?

Powers can be used and characters can be picked from any universe.

Elijah (ColdWarKid)

Oooh, this is a fun one. I’ve put the team together in a starting lineup with positions associated and my explanation, and obviously I have a bit of a Marvel bias, so don’t complain about that, okay?

  1. The Flash — Centerfield — Obviously The Flash is clearly my leadoff guy. Get on base, be ready to steal a base or for the hit and run.
  2. Longshot — Shortstop — Longshot is a natural athlete, with great acrobatics for diving to get a ball in the hole, and I’ll gladly take his luck powers in the game any day.
  3. Captain America (Steve Rogers) — First Base — The captain of the team, Cap hits for a high average as well as leads on the field and in the clubhouse.
  4. Thor — Right Field — Sometimes you need a big bat to knock it out of the park.
  5. Superman — Left Field — Because Thor strikes out A LOT.
  6. Wolverine — Third Base — I like a scrappy guy who can get on base anyway he can for the 6th spot, and I have no reason to think this, but I think Wolverine would be a great third baseman.
  7. Invincible — Second Base — He’s an up-and-comer, looks like he could be a 5-tool player, but needs some big league experience.
  8. Green Lantern — Catcher — Those ring constructs make for a great target for the pitcher, and he can definitely protect the plate. But what no one knows is that Hal Jordan can barely hit above the Mendoza line.
  9. Gambit — Pitcher — You think he can only throw playing cards?

Rewatching the “Villains” episode. You say doing bad makes you evil. So does doing something good make you an angel?


Yes, I believe that’s how it works.

Just wondering if you have any idea of how long we can expect Manapul to be on The Flash. it seems good artists never stick around too long.


I hear ya James, sadly,I have no idea.  Personally, I hope he’s on for a long time, because his art is just fantastic. Sadly the reality is now that artists can’t seem to be able to to manage a monthly schedule. But, if it means that we get a fill in artist every now and then, I’m okay with that, but I definitely do hope and wish for great long runs by creative teams on my favorite books.

That’s all she wrote folks! Have a great Fourth of July weekend in the US! Everyone else, have a good weekend!

Ron Richards


  1. Mjolnir no hit the curve ball.

  2. @ronxo im diggin that lineup.

  3. Here is an 816 page history that I found on Amazon … 

    THE GREEN HORNET: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics and Television [Paperback]

  4. Black Lantern Batman was a clone?

  5. I’ve always thought that Beast would make a great catcher

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The link explains everything. It’s a plot point from Batman & Robin. 

  7. I see Cap as the Catcher/Leader of the team. Like Tom Berenger in Major League.  But I guess it is safe to say that the Super Soldier is ambidextrious and would probably make a good first baseman.

  8. Loved the baseball question/answer! Batman could manage the team.

  9. Bonus book put out Green Hornet: The Collectors Edition Hardcover many years back. It reprinted 12 issues and even included a family trees or the Reid’s and Kato’s family, too. The introduction is by Van Williams and I even had a copy of this book signed by him. Over it was a pretty good bok. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it reprinted.
  10. That baseball game would be the best thing to watch ever.

  11. I’m not sure I believe that link entirely, from what I recollect it was Batman not a clone that shot Darkseid who was then zapped by him. tho who am I to argue with wikipedia

  12. I changed to the link about the Batman clone. As wulfstone pointed out, that original source seems to have the events of FINAL CRISIS confused.

  13. I love the baseball stuff.  Personally, I would put Spidey on third.  The ‘hot corner’ need someone with great reaction time and his ‘spider-reflexes’ and spider-sense would come in handy.  Also, the team needs the guy who can keep it loose when things get stressful.

    RE Gambit as Pitcher-What happens when the baseball explodes on contact with a bat.  Is that a ground rule double??

    @amircat-Damn fine idea to have Bruce as manager.

    Now we need a villain team to go up against!

  14. Another awesome Superman story that is more of an Elseworlds take on the character is Superman:Secret Identity.  An awesome story by Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immomen.  

    I enjoyed Superman: Birthright a lot, although I don’t know how much of it is considered canon at this point, especially with Geoff Johns Secret Origin series. 

  15. I’d date Nightcrawler as either a 2nd baseman or a centerfielder: that guy would have great range. 

    As for pitcher, I’d have to say Mastermind: he could throw underhand and it’d look like Nolan Ryan heat every time.

    Some other good ones to have on the team: Storm (Bench), for when you team is being blown out in the 4th and you need a rain delay.   Multiple Man (Bench-25th man), for when the injury bug bites.  

  16. Thats a HOF baseball lineup if i ever saw one.

    I’d run with Hellboy as your DH?…i’m pretty sure he can hit for power. 

    How about Green Arrow as a closing pitcher? He’s gotta have some pinpoint accuracy…paint those corners for a strike.  

    Reminds me of that intramural rogues softball game story that was collected in Tales of the Batman by Tim Sale. 

  17. Just don’t field JMS’s Supes. One fielding error and he’d fall apart. “I can’t…catch them all.”

  18. Fourth of July?  Surely there must be a BBQ episode in the works!

  19. @Tad-The yearly grilling video was probably bumped back due to unfortunate deaths.  But I share in the wish for the tradition to continue!

  20. It’s THAN-os. The name does come from the Greek THAN-a-tos (I thought everyone knew that? What? Not everyone’s read about Freud’s theories on the Eros and Thanatos drives?).

    Good letter column this week, guys. 

  21. Steve Rogers needs to be starting Pitcher and have Gambit be the relief.  Steve throw that shield better than anyone else, and Gambit will be the Ace in the Hole for that last strikeout.


    Spidey should be First baseman, his spider-sense will let him know when someone is going to try to steal.


    Hulk needs to be catching.  Who is going to slide in head first against him?

  22. Why would Gambit be chosen as pitcher when yo can have BULLSEYE instead???? Also, just let taskmaster watch MLB games on ESPN Classic for like a month, then let him play whatever position you want. 

  23. "Thor strikes out ALOT." 

    You slay me, Ricahrds. Although, I’m pretty sure I’d have Spider-Man as my #2 hitter, since he has all 5 fingers for better grip of the bat. On the other hand, Longshot’s luck powers would get lots of bloop hits. And John Ferrigno is right, Bullseye is a a front runner for pitcher, with Glavine or Maddux like precision. Captain Boomerang probably has a Randy Johnson-like slider. Boy, I could do this all day!

    Also, Green Hornet: Year One is really, really good and I’d love for more people to buy it, so it doesn’t go away.

  24. I would have thought Hawkeye would have been the Pitcher. He is the best marksmen in the Marvel U

  25. @bigben – that puts Bullseye as pitcher for the villains. Also, Mr. Fantastic should be a fill-in outfielder. Not a hitter, but you can’t deny his ability to steal away home runs.

  26. If they did write this thread up as a comic, Marvel could have Casey at the bat.

    Of course, DC did write this up as a  comic – even though I’m English and a comics fan so don’t DO sport, I loved the 1970’s Super-Heroes Vs Super-Villains book:

  27. Oh, and count me in as someone else who remembers bugger all about Superman Birthright other than world trip, vegetarianism, auras and DC Elseworlding the story while it was still progressing.