The Hero Initiative Redraws ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’

The Hero Initiative (in conjunction with Marvel Comics) is running a really, really cool auction to support their important work.

They have created 100 original art variant covers of Ultimate Spider-Man #100 by some of the biggest artists in the industry today. These covers will be auctioned off at MegaCon, where 20 more of the covers will be auctioned off; New York Con. where 79 covers will be displayed and 20 more auctioned off. The remaining 59 covers will show up on eBay in March. The first cover was auctioned off over the weekend in Los Angeles.

Check out all the covers here.

Some of those covers are pretty damned cool. I can’t wait to check out the display at the New York Con.

The Hero Initiative (Formerly known as A.C.T.O.R., A Commitment To Our Roots), is a not-for-profit group that provides a financial safety net to comic book creators.


  1. Some great looking covers in there.

  2. The viewing on Saturday was great. Secret Headquarters is such a cool store.
    The covers were for Ultimate Spider-Man #100.


  3. Typo fixed.

    Which cover looked the bet in person, Todd?

  4. Yeah, this is a great cause, I went to the Marvel: Then and Now at UCLA, which was also part of the Initiative, and I’ve been looking at it since that time.

    And damn those are some nice covers, I want Terry Moore on Spider-Man now. I have to say. And it was pretty cool to see a McFarlane Spider-Man

  5. It would be cool to see this collected on a book, like what they did with preacher. Also, it looks like Ron Garney has a grudge, Deodato’s #1 looks like the recent Daredevil cover…Aragones was funny…

  6. I agree. Sell it for charity.

  7. Its a good idea, and nice to see it has so much support. Some great sketches in there too, although Ed Mcguiness seems to have missed the point. Some unusual names in there as well, such as guillermo del toro.

  8. McFarlane draws an amazing Spider-Man. I would love to see him back on it. Even if he just did cover art…

  9. I want the John Romita one… Covers look great..

  10. Quesada ,McFarlane and J Scott Campbell were my favorites. Seeing JR. Sr. art in person was great.
    Overall, J Scott Campbell really blew me away, as I am not too familiar with his work and was not looking forward to his piece in particular.

    Again, this was such a cool event, the only viewing of all 100 covers, and Secret Headquarters could not be cooler of a shop.

  11. I think I was most impressed by Terry Moore’s cover. I knew he was a great artist, but I had no idea he could do something like that so well.

    Also totally dug the covers by Alan Davis, Ron Garney, and Mike Allred.

  12. Terry Moore is an awesome artist. He can do all sorts of pencils.

    You know what this did? It reminded me of a whole bunch of artists I don’t see anymore, and miss terribly.

    Such as…

    Jae Lee (I know he’s doing Dark Tower, but it feels like it’s been so long)

    John McCrea

    Joe Quesada (I forget that he was easily one of my favorite artists. I miss his interiors so much.)

    Even the McFarlane cover made me a little nostalgiac. Whether you like it or not, the guy’s got chops.

    Also, what’s the deal with the Joe Michael Linsner cheesecake shot? He draws a nice ass, but is this really the place?

    Ron Garney has skills. He should ink and color his stuff too! It would never come out, but you know…

    And that about covers it.

  13. This Quietly cover is all kinds of awesome. I’ve love to see that coloured and printed as a poster. I think it’s the music note and web-bags that does it for me.

  14. Thing about the Quietly cover: Took 11 weeks. Working on nothing else. Really.

  15. I saw the Quitely covers and thought, “Yeah… might be interesting to see that arc. But not worth it. Not by a long shot.”

    Man, lotsa names I haven’t seen in a while. When’s the last time I bought something by Bret Blevins? New Mutants ’89?

  16. “Thing about the Quietly cover: Took 11 weeks. Working on nothing else. Really.”

    Yeah, sadly it cost us an entire issue of All Star Superman.

  17. All I can say is, an echo of others — great charity, should be collected as a book for mass distribution with profits going to the Hero Initiative, and wow, a lot of artists really turned out.

    I think these younger artists really appreciate how much they owe to the work of the people that came before them, who don’t have such an easy living even though they created enduring legends. Nice to see Marvel giving back to the real people who made them who they are.

    Has DC done a similar charity event for the Hero Initiative? They really owe much too…