The Great iFanboy Re-Read Begins… with ‘Preacher’!

I recently finished up a prose book, and while I usually move right on to the next one, I decided to do something a little differently. I got to thinking that it was high time that I re-read something epic in comics. Since I talk about it so much, I should probably familiarize myself with a book I talk about very often: Preacher.

So I challenge you to find something you’ve been meaning to read again for a long time. Then, come back here, and we’ll talk about it.

You know how you always tell people, “oh you simply must read Kingdom Come,” but you actually can’t remember all that much about it because you read it over 10 years ago? Well, I do that kind of thing all the time. I remember that something was good, but that’s sometimes about all I remember. And I’ve been hearing all these people saying they went out and read something we recommended, and didn’t really love it, which makes me wonder if I’ve missed something.

So I’m taking Preacher trades with me to work on the train every day, and suffering through the fear of people spying some of the racier pages. I’ve got about six volumes to go, and so far, it might be better than I remember it.

But I’ll get to that. In three weeks, on Monday October 15, I’ll put up another post here, and we can talk about the books we read again for the first time.

My advice would be to pick a series you think you really love, but haven’t read in at least 5 years. If you haven’t been reading that long, do whatever works best for you. I’d say read something with some girth, and not a single volume graphic novel. You’ll see if your reading has gotten any more sophisticated, and if it was really as good as you thought it was.

Use the comments here to tell us what you’re going to read, but save the reviews for when we come back.

Good luck!


  1. How ironic that you decided to do this. Just last night I was looking thru my library of TPBs and Graphic Novels and saw The Dark Knight Returns and thought how I needed to re-read it.

    So that is my pick to start off. Although I am sure I will get thru that one way sooner than it will take you to get thru the whole Preacher saga. 😛

  2. Well just fri i was going through my own long boxes only to discover that i hadn’t read some my GN’s or issues for quite some time. So with that i decided to re read them again. One being A Fade From Grace. When i first got this i was captivated about how Superhero/Romance was laid out,hence i bought the trade . This is by far one of my favorite stories to date and the fact i forgot to re read it earlier means i should kick my own ass. Another one i forgot about until fri was identity crisis. I bought all the issues and only re read them once or twice since. This book i owe alot too, cause this is the first “event book” i ever got.

  3. I just started Watchmen this weekend!! Uncanny.

    Yeah… the pirates have nothing to do with anything.

  4. All right I will take up this challenge and make a real commitment. I am dusting off From Hell right now. I will let you know what I think in a week or two.

  5. I have just gone back and re-read Animal Man and in the process of re-reading Morrison’s Doom Patrol. Next on the list is Shade, the Changing Man. Love the early Vertigo.

    But I have really been wanting to re-read Preacher for a couple of months now. I haven’t read it since I was buying the issues. Unfortunately, I don’t have the issues anymore or any of the trades. I have been debating weather I should go get the trades now, because I am afraid once I do, DC will announce an Absolute Preacher, and I will have to buy that. Has anyone heard anything about this happening anytime soon? I wouldn’t mind buying the trades now if an Absolute is still a couple of years off.

  6. I realized Making Comics has been for a year and I haven’t read it yet, so I reread Understanding Comics and now I’m halfway through Reinventing Comics, which I had only read once when if first came out. Understanding Comics is as great as I remember it and Reinventing is much better than I remember. Can’t wait to get to the third one. I also recently reread Ultimate Spider-Man and got caught up on that.

    So, I don’t think there’s anything else I’m ready reread right now to participate in this

  7. I just re-read Kevin Smith’s run on Green Arrow. While not epic, it was still very enjoyable. Most of all, I forgot just how good the art is by Phil Hester. It made me wonder why we don’t see him on more mainstream titles. Especially DC, his art just seems to fit their characters.

  8. Phil Hester’s been drawing the Irredeemable Ant-Man for the last year.

  9. Most of all, I forgot just how good the art is by Phil Hester. It made me wonder why we don’t see him on more mainstream titles.

    I think he just did Irredeemable Ant Man.

  10. Jinx!

  11. Perhaps I should re-read Watchmen. I read that about five years ago and loved it, but alot of the political references I have learned were there went over my head when I read it.

  12. Damn. The run I loved but never bought in trade would be Robinson’s Starman. Do I try to dig up all the issues or fork out the cash to buy the TPBs. But then, I was going to squander the money on NEW TPBs. Dang. I could always default to Watchmen (including the pirate stuff). If I ever organized my comics, it wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe it’s time to try an online store with big discounts.

  13. I knew about Ant-man, thanks. I was just thinking that I’d like to see him on a more top tier title.

  14. Im rereading both Garth Ennis and Mike Carey run on hellblazer.
    Anyway isn’t the headline a arrested developement joke from Tabies

  15. Starman’s a good one. I recently re-read the first 2 books, and then I have 3 after that. From there, I’ve got to buy the rest of them.

  16. I re-read Starman a while back and I have to say that book kicks soooo much ass!

    To tell the truth, I don’t really have anything to re-read per se. I’ve been on a major TPB binge lately, so most of what I have is only 6-9 months old and pretty fresh in the old noggin. Having said that, my latest endeavor is to tackle the Capt. America Omnibus, which will refresh the issues that I’ve been reading over the last two years.

    Oh, and I may re-read DMZ and Gotham Central because I got new trades for both of them.

    Oh, and maybe, Savage Dragon because that book is just so awesome.

  17. I just started re-reading the Miracleman trades again, simply mind blowing and well before its time, just finished vol. 1 and will start vol. 2 tomorrow.

  18. I’m really surprised by all the people who skip over the pirate stuff in Watchmen. Myself, I’m rereading Barry Windsor-Smith’s Weapon X and Grant Morrison’s X-Men. I bought the omnibus when it came out and still haven’t read the run since it came out in single issues. I guess it’s time. Speaking of which, if you’re going to read that, you have to read the last couple of arcs like Magneto is really Magneto and not what they ret-conned him into. It’s much better that way.

  19. By the way, Savage Dragon definitely does not hold up well after you reach a certain age, especially not in trades. The book just seemed perfectly paced for monthly release. Love the characters, love the stories, but now, they’re just a chore to chug through after you get past the second trade.

  20. I think I am going to dig up my Grant Morrison Marvel Boy issues and reread those. I remember liking the series, kinda, I think so, but I don’t remember why.

  21. Unfortunately, I’ve got too much in my “to-read” stack to even think about going back and reading anything. Preacher is on top of the re-read stack, and maybe this weekend I’ll dive in for a trade or two, but I’ve still got way too much to read first.

    I already know my reading has gotten more sophisticated. I can’t read a lot of the stuff I was reading in the 80s and 90s – Spawn I thought was the bee’s knees back then, but now I try to reread an issue and my head hurts.

  22. Unfortunately, I’ve got too much in my “to-read” stack to even think about going back and reading anything. Preacher is on top of the re-read stack, and maybe this weekend I’ll dive in for a trade or two, but I’ve still got way too much to read first.

    Get with the team Dan! Those “to read” books aren’t going anywhere.

  23. Most everyone seems to be remembering a specific run by a creative team that they want to re-read. When I originally read Josh’s idea and he used Preacher as an example, I thought he meant those series that creators put their heart and soul into for years. Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country, Grant Morrison’s Invisibles, and Kurt Busiek’s Astro City just to name a few.

    I actually spent the summer re-reading Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson. I love that book. Spider Jerusalem is an awesome blend of a manic cynical bastard with just enough hope for humanity for make him mostly agreeable. And the book is downright hilarious when you pay enough attention to it. Well worth the re-read and neglect of my “to-read” stack.

  24. I’m with Jimski, Watchmen’s the one for me.

    I’ve only been reading comics a couple of years or so, but that was one of the first I got, mainly from everyone saying “Oh you MUST read Watchmen”. Plus with the movie underway I’d like to get more familiar with it again.

    It’s weird, I’m a little apprehensive about turning that first page… I really want it to be as good as I remember…

  25. I did mean to re-read a series rather than a volume, but you do what you can.

    Watchmen is better than you remember.

  26. Get with the team Dan! Those “to read” books aren’t going anywhere.

    I’m a comic collector – I’ve got OCD and have to read those unread books NOW!!!

    And count the panels as I go. If it’s an even number, I can continue to the next page. If its an odd number, I’ve got to walk over to my light switch, turn it on and off 10 times, wash my hands six times, and say “dingo” four times.

    But enough with the Irish guilt – I’ll crack open a trade or two this weekend so I can be part of the collective.

  27. Ok, point taken, Josh… In that case I’m changing my answer. Also one of the first things I got into (though obviously I was playing catch-up as haven’t been reading long), but haven’t read it in a couple of years. My choice is…


    (ps: I’m still reading Watchmen for fun though)

  28. Great idea, Josh.

    I’m on volume 9 of Preacher right now (first time through). I’ll hold my comments until I finish.

    As for an epic re-reading, I’m reading the Claremont/Byrne X-Men run in Essentials. If I take a day off of work, I may take a run at 52. It’s recent, but I kind of want to experience it as a whole.

    Re-read Watchman (I’ve lost count of how many times); it’s better every single time. Different, but better.

  29. Sleeper, even though I re-read it last year.

  30. I’ve been meaning to get back into Watchmen for a long time now, so this is a great excuse (seems that many people think that way 🙂

  31. Just finished “Chiroscuro” an early Vertigo mini about Leonardo di Vinci, and am starting my 200+ issue slog thru Cerebus before i sell them. the last 20 i barely read so maybe this time.

  32. A few weeks ago I had the first 18 issues of Preacher bound into a very nice hardback – so I’ll be re-reading it over the coming weeks. The 2nd volume is also done (up to #33) and I’m picking it up from the binders on Monday.

    (Eventually it’ll be in 5 volumes ie. 1-66 in 4 volumes & one volume with all the mini’s, one-shots & the cover collection).

  33. ok, so this set of TPB’s isn’t old, or even finished but i had to re read it. i’m not much of an issue buyer, i prefer TPB’s, so i went and re-read ‘y: the last man’, and i have to tell u, it got me all giddy about the next TPB! i can’t wait! plus, anything with a monkey in it is always good!