The Good and The Bad (UPDATED)

Two comic book related trailers have hit the web:

The Incredibles.



UPDATE! And yet a third entry jumps into the comic book movie trailer fray!


I think we have a winner here, folks. I’ll let you all decide which is which.


  1. the Incredibles trailer, while cute, didn’t seem all that spectacular. I think as a comic book fan, we’ve seen this kind of thing about a billion times. I’m also getting a bit tired with Pixar.

    Constantine looked…not as bad as it should? A mean Keanu is a black hole, but it could be creepy…even though Keanu is a black hole…just sucking and sucking and sucking….

  2. Also, CONSTANTINE has Rachel Weisz… which, you know, is never a bad thing.

    As for THE INCREDIBLES, I was surprised at how little in it had me laughing, unlike the teaser. The end with Sam Jackson was great, though.

  3. I LOVED the Incredibles, looks like the best PIXAR yet.

    Constantine didn’t offend or wow me. I don’t read the book, so I don’t know much about it, but does he really have a gold crucifix/gun thing?

  4. Josh needs to get in on this, he as read the most HELLBLAZER, I believe.

  5. Incredibles, not so great. I was happy to hear Sam Jackson, but I didn’t find it that funny. But they’ve yet to really do a bad movie, so with Brad Bird, I’m guessing it will be great.

    It’ll be tough to have a movie that a) does well on a grand scale, and b) shows comic book readers anything that we haven’t heard a billion times.

    How in depth can they get with Superheroes when most people don’t know much about them. It looks like they’re taking the normal man as a superhero approach. We’ve seen it. Maybe they’ll do it well.

  6. Constantine= ugh.

    John Constantine is first and foremost British. It’s like making an American David Brent. I mean, who would try to do that?

    This could be a good horror movie I suppose, but the character is supposed to be smarter than smart, badass and totally seem in control and like a big fucker for being so. If he were alive, he’d call Keanu in this role exactly what he is, and that’s a great bloody wanker of a twat.

  7. Incredibles did nothing for me. I think human characters should be used sparingly in Pixar stuff. The end was kinda funny, though.

    And I think Constantine looks cool as hell. There, I said it.

  8. I thought THE INCREDIBLES was underwhelming. I agree with Steve, Pixar would do well to avoid the human characters, although I think that the superhero aspect allows for them to be less than realistic and have it still work.

    With CONSTANTINE… I like Keanu, but… he’s doesn’t come off as being right for this role.

    Rachel Weisz, though.

  9. Jason Lee is a voice on the Incredibles.

    Constantine: does he really have a gold crucifix/gun thing in the comics?

  10. THE INCREDIBLES looks good to me, i think thats the only one of the three i’m excited to see.
    i saw the Constantine trailer yesterday and i got chills, not the good chills, the oh god why chills. i agree with Josh “John Constantine is first and foremost British”, but after that from what i see of keanu in the trailer i’m not buying it. who knows i could be like one of those people who all screamed tom cruise shouldn’t play lestat. i read hellblazer and it just seems wrong to me, but i guess i’ll keep an opened wrong, oh so wrong… no there is no gold crucifix/gun thing in the comics *shudder*
    catwoman i may see on STARZ a few years from now when it’s summertime and all my shows are in reruns, and i’m sick and can’t leave the house.

  11. ha

  12. I’ve never seen anything as gaudy as that Gold Cricifix Gun in the Hellblazer comics.

    Does Constantine smoke in this Keanu version?

    I’m actually missing the idea of at least having Nic Cage in this.

  13. As Thom said to me yesterday: Constantine isn’t really a badass. He just knows one or two more things than anybody else, giving him the upper hand. I can’t really picture Keanu knowing a secret that keeps a demon under his control, or something like that.

    Catwoman makes me ashamed for humanity. People should see Vidoq, which is the same director, and a quality film.

  14. I do think some of the visuals in Constatine look pretty bitchin’ though. Especially the woman through the wall.

  15. yey David Brent

  16. god, Catwoman is just embarrassing…

    is anyone at DC psyched for it? probably not

  17. But they have to pretend to be excited about it…

  18. Pretending to like Catwoman sounds like a full time job to me.

    What gets me is they have a perfectly great comic to adapt from, with plenty of movie ready storylines, that have nothing to do with Batman, and they churn out this abortion.

    sigh, come on Batman Begins.

  19. I don’t know what I fear more, this CATWOMAN or J.J. Abram’s SUPERMAN, which is apparently back on track.