Harry Lampert, Creator of The Flash, Dies at 88

In sad news, Harry Lampert, creator of DC Comics character, The Flash, died at age 88.

Lampert, aside from creating the Golden Age Flash named Jay Garrick, also drew “gag cartoons, which appeared in publications including Time, Esquire, The New York Times, Saturday Evening Post and Saturday Review.” He taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and later retired to Florida where he became an avid bridge player and even published several books on bridge, with one considered the “Bible” to the game.

It seems like all we post are about movies or people dying. Sigh.

The Flash is one of my favorite characters.

Thanks, Harry.


  1. That’s really sad.

    Really sad.

  2. This must be connected to Old Dirty Bastard in some strange way!

  3. They always go in threes, who’s next?

  4. In Time this week, there was a big picture of Flash/Jay next to the listing about Lampert’s death. It is always nice when they mention comic folk.