The Ever Interchangable World of Gotham: Brubaker Out; Gabrych (?) In

Yesterday it was announced that Ed Brubaker would be leaving scripting chores on Detective Comics, and today we meet the new writer, Andersen Gabrych, an actor whom editor Bob Schreck met at a party who has never had a regular gig in comics. It pays to network. Still Schreck insists that he read much of Gabrych’s work, and he’s a fine writer.

Gabrych will be assisted by artist Pete Woods of Robin repute.

Read more at Newsarama.

It sounds to me like the guy lucked out. I will agree that it’s a bit shaky. If it goes over well, it will be an incredible success. I wish him and the Detective readers luck.

Pete Woods is a talented artist who was perfect for Robin. I wonder if his style will change up a bit to match up better with the grimmer tone of Detective, or if the tone of the book will shift overall.


  1. This makes me grumpy.

    Which is funny in an ironic way because I initially hated Brubaker’s Batman.

  2. It gets better!

    After Azzarello and Risso leave BATMAN, David Lapham and Bill Sienkiewicz are taking over.

    I am giddy with delight.

  3. You beat me to it. I’m concerned that it’s so far away it will dissolve. Lapham has perhaps the most deranged writing mind in comics. Stray Bullets has been so ridiculously depressing lately, I can’t imagine the depths to which he could take these characters were he allowed, which he almost certainly won’t be.

    And if Sienkeiwicz (Sin-keh-vich accent on the “keh”) is doing the art chores, it’s sure to took disturbing enough on it’s own.

    Big play by DC either way.

  4. OMG Really?
    Could this be the thing to get me to buy Bat books? Lapham combined with Sienkeiwicz is soemthing that I won’t want to miss