Comic Book Movie Cavalcade Continues

Aint It Cool News has an article up announcing that Robert Rodriquez’s new film will be an adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City.


I think.

I hope.


  1. The fact that it’s Rodriquez is very good. He’s got a great sense of directing. He attracts talent. And studios give him a lot of control.

    Oh boy.

  2. That write up of Harry’s makes me feel confident too.

    Robert shot it first, with his own cash to see Frank on it. This is cool.

  3. No kidding. Oh boy is right.

    It would be great if Depp was in it. Depp loves Rodriquez, I remember reading that he said he’d do another film with him in a minute.

    Who the hell is going to play Marv??

    I’m off to throw the switch on my Marv in the Chair toy…

  4. Yeah, that write up really sold me, too. Which is usually the opposite result of reading Harry’s write ups.

  5. very cool. I just hope it’s not made too quickly. I think both Spy Kids 3 and Once Upon a Time In Mexico suffered from rushed production.

    If anybody should do Sin City, it’s Rodriguez.