The Best of the Week in Twitter – 06/09/2010

The glorious life of a comic book artist.

Ryan Kelly (@funrama) All the best pages from Local and Northlanders are sold. All the glorious splash pages. Kinda sad I let so many go to pay electricity bills.

Imagine how the poor folks at Pixar felt.

Becky Cloonan (@beckycloonan) Kissing is so hard to draw!! Almost harder than cars.

They didn't mess around with their branding.

Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) TWITTER CONFESSION: The first time I ever got drunk it was from a drink called "Hooch". The precursor to Mike's Hard Lemonade. I was 18.

Why must you toy with us Van Lente?!

Fred Van Lente (@fredvanlente) Yes, I really come from a town called Chagrin Falls, in NE Ohio. It's where Zoloft was invented. One of those statements is a lie.

Your apology rings hollow.

Bryan Lee O'Malley (@radiomaru) There is no grey area between hipster and nerd. All hipsters are nerds; all nerds are hipsters. SORRY, GUYS

So they can hear NPR, I would imagine.

Dan Slott (@DanSlott) Why do car commercials hype that when you're in them you CAN'T hear the outside world? I WANT people 2 hear things like HORNS & "LOOK OUT!"

Stegman is in a confessing mood this week.

Ryan Stegman (@RyanStegman) I just ate like six cookies. Immediate regret.

Anyone else starting to feel bad for Ryan?

Ryan Kelly (@funrama) Comics pro tip:When showering,be sure to tuck the shower curtain all the way in so it doesn't plunge water through the ceiling onto your art

People without dishwashers are basically hobos.

Kody Chamberlain (@KodyChamberlain) Lets be honest, the people that don't have TVs get rid of them so they can go to a cafe and tell other people about how they don't have TV.

Kody Chamberlain (@KodyChamberlain) It's clearly an attempt to try and seem superior. I don't have a dishwasher, but you won't hear me trying to use it to insult people who do.

He's not wrong. On either count.

Warren Ellis (@warrenellis) I think it's kind of Mr Jobs to turn the new iPhone into a camera optimised for quickie gonzo porn. (Also, Flip Video? Bye now.)

I don't want to live where Tony Moore lives.

Tony Moore (@tonymoore) another tick, in the studio this time. time for a lawn treatment. you asked for it, you bastards!

Hilarious well timed response either for or against your thesis.

Gail Simone (@GailSimone) Generic complaint about the new iPhone! Angry utterance of perceived missing or superfluous feature! Entitled anger at product!

I suppose that explains Kirsten Dunst in the rain.

Stan Lee (@smilinstanlee) Not only do the movie studios care, but they spend a fortune on surveys and studies to try to learn what turns fans on.

Too hungover to hit the shift key. Rough.

Ivan Brandon (@ivanbrandon) i had big plans for today. but then i drank a few gallons of vodka. now, leaving this bed is a game of inches.

But what if she smiles at me when I check out? That's a sign right?

Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) Guys, don't hit on the girl at the counter in the comic shop. Just don't.


  1. @McKelvie’s words ring true, especially if the girl at the counter is the daughter of the shop’s owner. Been there…

  2. Love Gail Simone’s one this week.

    McKelvie’s is oddly timed, considering that the only girl who works at my LCS actually spoke to me last week for the first time. It was the just casual small talk about Jonah Hex (which I was buying), but like the stereotypical nerd, I was all "What does this MEAN?!"

  3. It means she likes you…GO ask her out.  Do it.  She’ll say yes.

  4. @KodyChamberlain is so dead on with that. Those are usually the people who are at those same cafes watching those same TVs.

    @GailSimone made me spit coffee. Bravo, madam!

  5. @kody–i used to work with a girl who would pontificate about how she didn’t have a TV and spent all her time reading obscure stuff in coffee shops.(and watching weird things on youtube) hahaha. so spot on. 

  6. I think if the girl hits on you, that’s different.  But, face it, she has her pick of the customers.


  7. This just might be my favorite feature on iFanboy.

  8. that’s funny, cuz I’ve had a huge crush on the girl at my comic book store. and I SWEAR she checks me out. swear. lol.

  9. There’s hardly a better feeling in the world when a girl hits on you.


  10. How the hell did Fraction and Johns’ Iron Man/Green Lantern interchange not make this list?!