The Best of the Week in Panels – 07.13.2011

Panels are for the masses.


Captain America #1

By Ed Brubaker, Steve McNiven, Markl Morales, Justin Ponsor, & Joe Caramagna



American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #2

By Scott Snyder, Sean Murphy, Dave Stewart, & Pat Brosseau

I dare you to try to say the middle word balloon five times fast.


Alpha Flight #2

By Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Dale Eaglesham, Andrew Hennessy, Sonia Oback, & Simon Bowland

All those Puck fans who have been wondering when he'd show up couldn't ask for a better entrance.


Red Robin #25

By Fabian Nicieza, Marcus To, Ray McCarthy, Guy Major, & Sal Cipriano

I sure didn't expect that.


Amazing Spider-Man #665

By Dan Slott, Ryan Stegman, Michael Babinski, John Rauch, & Joe Caramagna

Guest artist Ryan Stegman was worth the price of admission alone.


Detective Comics #879

By Scott Snyder, Francesco Francavilla, & Jared K. Fletcher

Fucking creepy. This is fucking creepy.


  1. Whoa!!! i know they’re panels.. and out of context snippets.. but WHOA!! The Red Robin panel needed a black band or something.. a bigger warning.. holy crap. I’m 700 miles from home and my comics haven’t been gotten yet. Now I’m beyond curious as to how that goes down. 

  2. @siraim  I would not recommend reading this feature until you’ve read your books.

  3. That’s the second time Tim’s gotten stabbed through the heart in, what, 2 years?

  4. @conor  yeah yeah.. i know.. i clicked hesitantly. my fault I know.. but curiousity got the best of me.

  5. I loved that splash from ASM a lot, but I loved that last page of the main story from that issue even more.  Either way, someone needs to lock Stegman to his desk and force him to draw ASM forever.

  6. I dunno, I’m just not feeling McNiven’s stuff on Cap, it looks stiff to me.

    Stegman’s Spidey was FULL of great panels, fantastic stuff.

  7. Stegman reminds me of McFarlane but a little cleaner. Captain America was gorgeous page after page, but that panel was the highlight for me too.

  8. @ScottB – I thought the same thing, and about this panel in particular. Took me right back to 1991.

  9. Fantastic choices, Conor! I think Cap got my POT just for that panel.

    I will also nominate the Girl Power reveal from Batgirl and the little girl scene from Ultimate Falloit.

    Dammit, Bendis. Why you gotta cut so deep?

  10. RE: American Vampire
    Anyone know why they took the “u’s” out of those two words? They both would spell Fuhrer, but within those words, they are actual ranks in the military. So…why the censorship?

  11. @VitoDelsante  Was thinking the exact same. Maybe the letters didn’t work because they should be written as ü and these umlauts don’t really work in US print? A little crappy, but the book was great anyway!

  12. OMG that Joker panel is amazing!!!! Kicks the crap out of the similar Man Who Laughs panel years ago

  13. Detective comics gives me nightmares.

  14. SUFFERIN’ CATS that spider-man panel is fantastic! And the Joker panel? Totally unnerving.

    Also, “I dare you to try to say the middle word balloon five times fast”? I can barely READ it ONCE! That is a mouthful!

  15. Francesco Francavilla did an amazing job in Detective. We actually see so little of the Joker, but those eyes stuck with me. 

  16. Cap throwing the shield, the baby in the hamptons and Elaine… breathtaking

  17. The team on Detective Comics is killing this series!

  18. @edward  I WAS IN THE POOL!

  19. A lot of people try to outdo each other in how creepy and terrifying they can make the Joker. Snyder and Francavilla surpass all and they do it so effortlessly. Can’t wait to see how Jock draws him!

  20. @Benjerimiah  I love how people try to “out creep” each other with the Joker. It’s great when you see a character that is so familiar, yet who can still make a chill run down your spine after all these years. 

  21. Siraim- A little late to be told that now isn’t it?


  22. In Red Robin’s favor, it looks like the cut’s smooth and the blade’s clean. No biggie.

  23. That panel of baby Aquaman from Emperor Aquaman should be here, because that is, indeed, the fugliest baby I’ve ever seen penciled.

  24. Oh man, I had no idea Stegman was pencilling that issue.  I’ll have to flip through it next week at the shop if they’ve got one laying around.