The Best of the Week in Panels – 04/28/10

Panels is the word.


X-Force #26

X-Force #26

Layla who is What? Where did that code name come from? Was it in the hearse that drove into this panel without explanation? Oh, well; I guess I'll wait for them to clarify it later in the… what's that? Almost no one on this page will even be mentioned again in this book? I see.  — Jim Mroczkowski



Stumptown #3

Stumptown #3

It's two panels, but it's easily my favorite tough guy, er- tough girl line in a long time.  I had to think about it for a second.  Weather? In the skull?  Oohh!!  That's badass.  You see, the bullet will make a hole in what was an otherwise, completely sealed head, see?  Also, apparently explaining it takes all the awesome out of it. Anyway, it's good to have Dex back and kicking the ass. — Josh Flanagan



Green Lantern Corps #47

Green Lantern Corps #47

A truly fitting final image. Cheers, guys. — Conor Kilpatrick


  1. Great picks fellas.

    My favorite panel of the week was also in Stumptown when Dex get hit over the head and she is woozy. The panel layout actually made me woozy too, in an awesome effective way. 

  2. She’s had the code name butterfly for a while…its just wanna of those things where a character is know more by their real name then their code name like Luke Cage. As much as i love Mike Choi i think he missed the memo with Layla having been aged or is some time traveling involved

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Love the Kyle and Guy moment. 

  4. Weather in your skull, eh? That’s new. I like it.

    Here’s to you and those like ya, fellas.

  5. Nice choices, guys. The Kyle/Guy bromance is fantastic stuff. Got to love how that panel pretty much summed it all up in one image.

  6. You know it’s over when Kyle and Guy talks and settles down.

    Sinestro Corps War

  7. Are you kiddin’? Comic book fans are like elephants on gingko biloba. They can tell you what panel it happened in, in a book that came out before they were born.

  8. You know i usuLy love mike Chois art but that panel looks like doodoo i havent read the issie yet though

  9. X-Force really has no place here, at least not this image. It’s just a panel with some minor quirk to make light of. Why does that make it one of the best of the week?

    Especially considering the issue has a few panels that are genuinely great.

  10. Layla took the name Butterfly in one of the very first issues of X-Factor, but nobody ever calls her that. It’s a reference to the Chaos theory thing with "A butterfly flaps its wings in Arizona and theres a typhoon in Japan" kind of thing. At the time, her power was explained as being bale to see the random consequences of things like that and she would set them into motion with seemingly random events, like the time she stopped a villain by just ordering a bunch of pizzas lol. But yeah, nobody ever calls her that. 

  11. Yeah i’m pretty sure no one has ever called her that. ever.

  12. Well, when was the last time the Runaways called each other "Bruiser" or "Lucy in the Sky"? The Marvel site and Handbooks and other official sources still call them that.

  13. @Jimski: I’m pretty sure "Elephants on Ginko Biloba" played Coachella last weekend.