The Best of the Week in Covers – 12/22/2010

An early stocking stuffer! Best of the Week in Covers is one day early this week. 

So I can spend friday setting up my night-vision cameras on the roof and living room to capture any…nocturnal elf activity, let's say. 

American Vampire #10

Cover by Rafael Albuquerque

Tremendous composition here. That red sunflower is the glue. Pearl in the foreground and Sweet (or is it Hattie?) in the background, actually posed back to back, makes for a fascinating cover concept. Most of the series' covers have featured this double-feature mentality, and they end year one with one of their strongest images in that vein. 


Namor: The First Mutant #5

Cover by Mike Mayhew

To be completely honest, this is sort of glaringly hideous. But I think it's supposed to be. It's like a Harlequin Romance cover with Namor in the leading role. This is likely how Namor has always seen himself, even if we know he's kind of a douchesatchel. It's all about the shoe dangling perilously from the damsel's toes. 


Skullkickers #4

Cover by Chris Stevens

They've come up with the terrific skull/keyhole cover treatment, and it's quite elegant here. I like that it's not a true keyhole shot because the crack in the skull actually sits behind the main figure rather than obscuring him. Stevens also captures some real Frazetta lighting and texture in the flowing cape, tunic, and especially in those creepy little skulls. Gorgeous. 


Chew #16

Cover by Rob Guilory

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. As they say in the mobile home communities. I love the snake-eating-its-tail circularity of this joke. I love how this very twisted concept is rendered so charmingly, warmly, and adorably. Hungry now… 


  1. @Paul,  isn’t that hattie in the background of the AV cover?

    and this is sad, i did not put the leg together in the chew cover, wow!

  2. RE: Namor … that is Sue Storm isn’t it?

  3. re namor cover: i love how water is dripping/pouring off her legs but her clothes appear to be dry and her hair definitely is.  also, that shoe is defying laws of physics.

  4. @cahubble09  Sue isn’t his first blonde.

  5. Ha! That Namor cover is hilarious! There’s huge explosions and he’s all casual about it.

  6. I know I’m totally biased but I loved the Guilory incentive cover for the Dynamo 5 holiday special. Am I allowed to like it if I worked on it? That might be against the rules.

  7. @PozrDu: I haven’t seen any Namor that preceded his early FF appearances. Who was his first blonde?

  8. That namor cover makes me want to go swimming.

  9. I love the Chew cover.  The Zatanna cover is nice too.

  10. I’m in love with the Namor cover. Gaudy as hell, but wonderful nevertheless.

  11. I like the Namor cover too, it’s joyous!

  12. Really??

    Ok anyone else here- given Sue Storm’s history think that
    maybe she might be considered not so chaste?

  13. @ericmci  This is wholly off topic. Move on. 

  14. Actually At-Paul it’s not.

    I made a comment based on the cover with Namor earlier and it was deleted.

    That clearly looks like Sue Storm and Sue has a documented history of cheating on her husband with Namor.

    So- while it’s boring to get into this- it is entirely on topic.

  15. Oh wait I’m sorry

    I was supposed to say something like-

    “the art is gorgeous”


    “I’m waiting for the trade”

    Is that more appropriate.

  16. @ericmci  The first one would be on topic, yes.

    And you’re right, this is boring. Back to the covers.