The Best of the Week in Covers – 12.19.2012

The world ends not with a bang, but with 10 spectacular comic covers. Let’s get to it.

Saga #8

By Fiona Staples

Earlier this year I sat down and watched Alien for the first time. I’d seen select scenes before, but always while standing. Anyways. I was struck by a particular shot of Ripley in repose, decked out in gray jumpsuit similar to Alana’s here. White sneakers up on a console. That image of casual disregard in such a cold science-fiction setting must’ve launched a thousand-thousand imaginations. I think Alana belongs to that tradition, of stunning, take-no-shit women. Feet up on the dash as the stars stream by.



Batwoman #15

By J.H. Williams III

Why did it have to be snakes? The weariness in her eyes, around her eyes, might be even more striking than the elegant composition.

All-New X-Men_4

All-New X-Men #4

By Stuart Immonen

If you’d told me last week I’d be showcasing a cover with not one but two Scott Summers, I’d have believed you, but I’d be muttering something at the floor. Maybe they’ll cancel each other out. Okay, I’m still grumbling. That’s the subjective. The objective is that this is stunning, and it’s even a wonderful venue for the already brilliant new logo. Now, that’s some lens flare.


Locke and Key_Omega_2

Locke & Key: Omega #2

By Gabriel Rodriguez

I love the questions raised by this cover. The simplicity and strangeness. In person, the finish on the cover provides the added nuance of, I suppose you’d call it luster. The key itself shines in the light.


Hellblazer #298

By Simon Bisley

Cool in concept and execution. It’s a memento mori. For John. For us. For the series. For…well, you can decide how far to take this grim portent.


Nowhere Men #2

By Nate Bellegarde & Fonografiks

Is it just me, or can you feel that fabric? Also, spooky as all hell. And good lord, it’s like a Suburban Glamour cover mated with Jonathan Hickman. In the best way. The all night long way.

X-Men Legacy_3

X-Men Legacy #3

By Mike Del Mundo

Escher ducks! Escher ducks!

Wonder Woman_15

Wonder Woman #15

By Cliff Chiang

Orion, duck!

The Unwritten_44

The Unwritten #44

By Yuko Shimizu

Guys, I’ve been looking through my Audubon books, the really heavy ones, and I can’t find this thing. Seriously, what in the Hell is that thing? A harpy, you say? Well then. Nobody but Shimizu can do what Shimizu do so well, and that’s line and light and all-out ethereal.


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe_5

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #5

By Dave Wilkins

Not only is there like a Ladyhawke thing happening here, but we’ve got Battlecat and claws the length of He-Man’s face. This is exactly what a book about He-Man ought to look like, for better or worse. But mostly, almost entirely, for better.



  1. Great to see He-man get some love. It’s been a fantastic mini series.

    • It’s a mini-series? I was unaware of that.

    • Is this the same one James Robinson started or a new one? That Battlecat makes me wanna read it alone, I thought this was an ongoing too or I’d’ve scooped a copy, grabbed Origin of Skeletor just for Frazer Irving’s art on a childhood classic villain but Masters of the Universe strikes me as material that would work best in minis.

  2. Can’t beat that Hellblazer cover!

  3. Wow this might be one of the best set of covers I’ve seen in a while. No Hawkeye love though? I thought this week’s cover was amazing.

  4. A phenomenal selection of perfection, too many to choose one in particular. What an excellent collection of covers for the end of the year!

  5. One of the things I most like about Saga (and there’s a ton of things I like about it) is the creative consistency. It’s great to have one writer and one artists working so closely and to have such cohesion, from the cover to the letters column. I don’t have any problem with getting a different artist to do a cover, but I love seeing the interior artist do all the covers for such a great series. I’ll gladly take some interruptions in release dates to have a nice collection of BKV’s writing and Fiona Staples’ art.

  6. That He-Man cover belongs on the side of my sweet 1970’s van.

  7. Gonna miss that Constantine!

  8. What happened with the last 2 weeks of Best Comic Panels? The best article on this site, and it’s just ignored?

  9. Great week in covers…..snagged the last copy of Hellblazer, that cover is great and the 1st issue of his last story arc, that ones going in my framed comix wall art collection. I love every cover of Saga, the solid color backgrounds with tone and mood setting images, some of the most identifiable, well rounded characters I’ve seen out the gate in recent years, they have a comfortable familiarity just by looking at a single image like Alana here. Batwoman’s covers have been great consistently too, especially the last 4. WW can you say Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, love that homage and bought the New Gods Orion figure today just because of it, I’ll put him next to Mr.Miracle and that giant Darkseid they just made when I buy it. Locke and Key and Unwritten…also two of the best series out there, lot of great covers. All New X-Men and Legacy are striking as well, not reading Legacy and with the announcement of All New X-Men HC trade coming so soon, I’m just waiting for that, no ads and a straight through read, the dbl shipping is too much too often but with the quick trades like this one, I might’ve found a loophole in it I like. Nowhere Men #2 cover does look textural and made me wanna read it instantly. Only cover I thought should’ve made it this week was Masks #2, Alex Ross’ one, all 4 are good though, DD is tight as usual too.