The Best of the Week in Covers – 11/03/2010

Covers, covers everywhere, but not a drop to drink. 

Superboy #1

by Rafael Albuquerque

Listen. It's a pinup. But there's still something pretty special about an Albuquerque pinup, and for a #1 issue, it makes perfect sense. There's youth and vitality here. And I love the playfulness of the color choices. The S symbol and black t-shirt (one of the best costumes in comics) remain normal (unless that shirt is a very dark navy), while the flesh tones get a nice robin's egg blue. Looks terrific against the yellow-orange. 


X-Men: To Serve and Protect #1

Cover by Nick Bradshaw and Jim Charalapidis

This is the type of image that really spoke to me as a young reader. Just a wave of mutants poised for battle, each of them showcasing or at least hinting at their own unique abilities. There's a lot going on here, but with the unified direction, it doesn't get jumbled. 


Strange Tales II #2

Cover by Jaime Hernandez

This is just fun. This is Jaime Hernandez reveling in the Marvel U. I hope somebody far cooler than I am gets this Scarlet Witch tattooed on their forearm next to a pair of cherries or a sparrow or something. 


Scarlet #3

Cover by Alex Maleev

I like that I still don't quite know this girl yet. That she scares the bejesus out of me. That she's powerful and righteous, but still a bit naive. She's the Queenpin of Portland. And it's only just beginning. And it looks a little exhausting. 


  1. Loved the Superboy Alberquerque cover!

  2. That Superboy cover was like a lighthouse in the night when I stepped into my comic shop.  I spotted it from across the room.

  3. What i love about the Superboy cover is that the t-shirt has no definition that its just black and the red and reallyu draws your eyes.

  4. Secret Six #27: Bain on a T-REX! I repeat, Bain on a mother f’in T-Rex!

  5. The Superboy image is striking. I first saw it at NYCC and since then it hasn’t lost its luster.

    I like the 90’s style layout of the X-Men cover, but something about the perspective seems off to me. Namor is the same size as Logan but he’s several feet behind him. Still, an excitingly busy cover.

    Also, it’s pretty tough to beat Maleev when it comes to covers.

  6. I didn’t notice sandman in the tales cover. Creepy.

  7. That Jaime Hernandez cover kills me!  I didn’t notice Sandman till much later, too.  Super Creepy!

  8. I love the Superboy cover. Also, I really liked the cover for iZombie this week!

  9. All these covers killed it this week. Strange Tales II #2 gets my pick though. Amazing.

  10. "Covers, covers everywhere, but not a drop to drink. " I can’t read that without thinking of Iron Maiden.

     And in regards to the Scarlet Witch tattoo, that is an awesome suggestion. I doubt I’m any cooler then you, but I’ll take it upon myself to get branded with the Scarlet Witch.

  11. Great cover picks, all. The first thing I thought of when I saw the X-Men:TS&P cover was  the old commercial tag line "TheOneAndOnlyCerealThatComesInTheShapeOfAnimals!" This time with the sfx of stampeding mutants.

  12. I want that Superboy cover as a poster for my wall. Gorgeous!

  13. Love the Sandman in the Strange Tales cover.