The Best of the Week in Covers – 11.30.2011

“Sugar, ah comic covers
You are my candy girl
And you’ve got me wanting you.
Covers, ah sugar sugar
You are my candy girl
And you’ve got me wanting you.
I just can’t believe the loveliness of loving you
(I just can’t believe it’s true)
I just can’t believe the one to love this feeling to.
(I just can’t believe it’s true)”

–Jeff Barry and Andy Kim, evidently hopped-up on Red Vines outside a comic shop

Flash Gordon Zeitgeist #1 cover by Francesco Francavilla

This feels like an artifact uncovered from a trunk in the attic, in the very best of ways. Again, the hand lettering. The extreme close-up and a color scheme ripped right from an animal cracker box. I love the composition of the vertical rocket in the background and the ray gun slanted in the fore. I have no idea what that accent mark is doing between the L and the A, but I like it!

Archie Meets KISS cover by Francesco Francavilla

Francavilla more than earns a second spot in the week’s lineup with the much anticipated Archie Meets Kiss variant cover. The streets of Riverdale will flow with blood (even if it turns out to be tomato paste from a supply truck in the end). Simply put, Archie’s never looked so boss. One of our favorites has topped himself again.

Fables #111 cover by Joao Ruas

Trying to think of anything nearly so sad as a monkey awaiting execution. Possibly the monkey’s uncle watching from the crowd. Wiping a single tear from his cheek with a banana peel.


Spaceman #2, cover by Dave Johnson

Love the cover treatment for the series. Simple and elegant. A bit mod in the coloring. It harkens to the dystopian SF of the late 60s and early 70s.

Red Skull #5 cover by David Aja

Tanks for the memories, you old Schmidt! One more tremendous propaganda poster from Aja, but also the most expressive of the bunch. The Red Skull is at his breaking point here. You see it in his down cast face, in his asymmetrical posture. What makes this isn’t just the horizontal strip of cream-colored negative space, but the slant. Slightly less than minimal and all the more perfect.



  1. Francavillaaaaaaaa!

  2. A cover i was hoping I’d see here was the cover to Daredevil. I loved the design. Love the book as well.

  3. Francesco Francavilla, Ryan Sook (not shown) & Dave Johnson are the Holy Trinity of Comic Book Cover Artists!

    If anyone could lure me into buying an Archie comic, it would be Francavilla.

    Great picks this week Paul!

  4. These were all really solid covers. Flash Gordon and Archie are my favs. As far as the Flash Gordon accent mark…i’ve seen the technique used before on vintage hand lettering and even some obscure display typefaces..its used to fill in large negative area spaces created by butting letters like “L” next to “A”, to defeat the optical kerning nightmare created by those two letters, and helps your eye move along and all that. =) Francavilla really has some keys to the vault on that one. =)

  5. The Red Skull covers have all been great. And despite having absolutely no desire to read an Archie comic–negative desire, if that’s a thing–the Archie/Kiss cover’s really cool.

  6. I am more interested in a Dynamite book when it has a striking cover like Flash Gordons. I feel like usually all Dynamite Covers look like they are done in a factory.

  7. All the Red Skull covers have scared the shit outta me.

    (In a good way.)

  8. That Flash Gordon cover is absolutely incredible.

  9. well, now i’ll never get that song out of my head. also, you missed daredevil.

  10. Those Fracavilla covers are the reason I’m not completely sad that Samnee is leaving Cap and Bucky, and the Red Skull covers have all been phenomenal. I’m glad to see this one on the list.

  11. Gotta love that Archie cover!