The Best of the Week in Covers – 10.12.2011

I can feel it covers in the air tonight, Oh Lord
I’ve been waiting for this moment, all my life, Oh Lord
Can you feel it covers in the air tonight, Oh Lord, Oh Lord

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #5 cover by my boy Sean Murphy

Gotta tell ya. Sexy as all hell. I mean, throw in a bouncy castle and this is what my ideal dates are like. Also note the scale of that gun. Dude passes Hellboy in the streets and Hellboy nods.


Generation Hope #12 cover by Rodin Esquejo

White negative space is more affective than even black for creating a sense of isolation or, in this case, overwhelming anxiety, even paranoia. The contorted pose is incredibly striking, and the choice to set this poor girl against a stark backdrop makes for a truly haunting image.

Northlanders #45 cover by Massimo Carnevale

This guy has lived. This guy has lived to such an extent that he’s practically autumnal, each bruise and stretch of weathered skin lending him a tree-like visage. Keep studying this one and you’ll be rewarded with unending nuances in texture and detail.


Batgirl #2 cover by Adam Hughes

Babs really has to stop falling asleep in cemeteries.


Pigs #2 cover by Francesco Francavilla

One word. Bold. What really works here is the use of green to offset the primaries. A lot of iconic imagery here, but the coloring and handmade finish keep it from being too severe.



  1. I’m kinda missing the awesome Frankstein Agent of SHADE cover by J.G. Jones.

  2. These are awesome. Can’t decide which i like best.

  3. Man, I’m going to miss Northlanders.

  4. Since I read American Vampire in TP or hardcover (I wish it came out as TPs…), is there some floating release date for the AV #3 TP? I’ll salivate right now if it’s close.

  5. That Northlanders cover is incredible.

  6. Awfully familiar silhouette behind Batgirl once you consider it’s an Adam Hughes cover.

  7. I love it; we both chose five different covers!

    That PIGS cover is really pretty, though.

  8. I like them all. The Pigs one is my favorite. It almost seems at home as a Captain America cover.

  9. Hands down my favourite cover of those is the Northlanders cover. Spectacular cover. Makes me wanna go read Northlanders again. Maybe I’ll just go get them in TPs once I got the money.

  10. I’m not normally a huge Hughes fan (don’t dislike him, just not a big fan) but I love that Batgirl cover. My cover of the week would be the American Vampire cover, Sean Murphy is the man.

  11. Paul, Paul, Paul *shakes head* – Phil Collins? (covers are great though, especially that Northlanders).

  12. Love the coloring on Northlanders. the Generation Hope looks disturbing. great covers over all

  13. The Northlanders cover is something else.

  14. Francavilla rules.

  15. Ah, 1940, when the secret agent ladies went on covert missions in their spaghetti strap tops.

    That Northlanders cover really made me think “Dang, I need to g back and get this whole series!” But then I remembered that I spend too much on comics already. Maybe some day. Boy, I love that cover.

  16. kinda love them all for different reasons….
    this just reminded me how much I want to read Northlanders
    and how much I love Batgirl and American Vampire

  17. That Generation Hope cover reminds me of the Astonishing X-Men one with the terrified Wolverine. It kind of makes me want neurotic varients of lots of characters. Maybe Spider-Man with his mask pulled half-way up sucking on his thumb or Beast petting himself in a corner.