The Best of the Week in Covers – 09/15/2010

Some covers you just want to save forever. You want to coax them into an old applesauce jar with a twig and a leaf and some holes in the lid. Keep 'em on your nightstand until Dad comes home from six months on the road, and he's got a puppy with him. And you forget about the cover because you're always brushing Sandy and lobbing tennis balls for her. Until one day you push aside some junk on your nightstand and you see that old jar. And there's a Mothra in there. 

So, here are some covers:


Morning Glories #2

Cover by Rodin Esquejo

Love the composition here. That choice to position the water level and camera as they are. It's claustrophobic up there. And of course, the kanted text, as if sunken and drifting, is ingenius. 



Brightest Day #10

Cover by David Finch

Combining elements of pulp horror and dime novel western, Finch delivers a downright astonishing canvas. Though it's overcast, the daylight makes it even more chilling. 


Amazing Spider-Man #643 (with #642)

Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Does it get much better than a Djurdjevic mashup? No, it does not. If an orgy ever broke out in Artist Alley on a Sunday afternoon, Djurdjevic would choreograph. 


Joe the Barbarian #7

Cover by Sean Murphy

Alexander the Great can suck it. 


  1. Pretty sure Djurdjevic would be too busy having sex in that orgy to choreograph 🙂

  2. Djurdjevic makes Anit-Venom look cool.  Huh.

  3. Sean Gordon Murphy is my favorite artist on the shelf. Guy is totally bad; check out his deviantart page.

  4. Great selections this week. Djurdjevic really is amazing. I don’t read Spidey anymore, but that’s the best I’ve ever seen Anti-Venom. I’ve been seeing that Brightest Day cover all week, and it’s still an eyegasm every time.

  5. My favorite part of the ASM cover-spread is how badass he makes Spidey/Pete seem.

  6. As a long time Marvel reader, i recently started pickin up DC, I knew the characters, and for the most part what was going on right now in the world on the other side of the fence. I picked up a Blackest night collection, i loved it!  And then i was debating waiting on brightest day to end to just pick up the trades. But then i saw that cover……..I bought all 11 (0-10) brightest days and officially added it to my pull. so worth it.  Also, when Marvel released that promo of ASM that was the complete djurdjevic piece (all 5 covers), i immediatly send the link to a friend of mine who does large high quality printing on the goverments dime, im getting a nice big poster of it for my room any day now.

  7. @ed209AF – Do you have a link to the promo piece with all 5 of the Djurdjevic covers?