The Best of the Week in Covers – 09.28.2011

Covers always seem to turn up when you most expect them. On the front.

American Vampire #19 cover by Rafael Albuquerque

If you’ve been following this feature for any length of time, you may realize I’m a sucker for this yellow-orange color. I’m all about it and I couldn’t tell you why. It’s maybe a citrus thing. Anyway. I don’t want to meet the Beast in the Cave, but I also kind of definitely want to. Plus, how can you go wrong with a hat full of stars and a moon eye? Cool, trippy stuff.


Astonishing X-Men #42 cover by Salvador Larroca and Guru-eFX

Alright. Who fed the mogwai after midnight?


The Flash #1 cover by Francis Manapul

Simple. Direct. Striking. Manapul is well on his way to becoming a definitive Flash artist. The image literally crackles with energy.


Angel & Faith #2 cover by Steve Morris

Weirdest conga line ever. Love the finish on this, the wispy quality of some phantom just coming into view. And Angel’s hair isn’t bad either.

Justice League Dark #1 cover by Ryan Sook

For this comic fan, it doesn’t get much better than Ryan Sook drawing Zatanna and Deadman in the same composition. One of my favorite images in the reboot, and a stellar portrait of a killer new team. All drawn together into the central globule of the coolest lava lamp a soul can buy.



  1. I’m really blown away by all of the released covers the Manapul has done for the Flash restart. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

  2. great covers. i don’t think i’ve seen mogwai spelled out before.

  3. My copy of Flash only figuratively crackled with energy. Did you get a variant?

  4. Pretty good collection as always. Im not reading the Flash, but i start liking Manapuls Art more and more. Sook makes me to reconsider my plan not to pull Justice League Dark. Is he doing the Interior as well?

  5. Every part of that Flash comic was beautiful. This is an instance where you definitely should judge a book by its cover.

  6. I really love that Justice League Dark cover. Also, the Flash is great. But I think my favourite is probably that American Vampire one. I really need to start reading that series.

  7. Wow, I wish Larroca’s interiors looked that good.

    And, yes, you do want to meet the beast in that cave.

    • Strange. I didn’t recognize the X-Men Cover as Larrocas Art. It looks more like the old style he had back at x-men extreme and not like his work on iron man. he doesn’t draw faces that good on iron man.

  8. Surprised that the firestorm cover didint make it, 3 will

  9. Love the cover for American Vampire, but that font looks like it belongs on the box of a Sega Genesis game.

  10. There is something bugging me about the “Justice League: Park” logo and i just can’t figure what it is. =p

  11. Angel and Faith? Really? There is nothing remarkable about that cover. There were plenty of other, better covers to highlight this week.

  12. Yes! So glad Angel is finally getting some love around here! I know the covers for this and Buffy will continue to be consistently great.

  13. The first & last cover choices were my favorites of the week as well, especially American Vampire it literally looked like a dynamite aftermath with vampires, which is awesome!