The Best of the Week in Covers – 09.19.2012

A good cover will do that to you.

Venom #25
By Patrick Zircher

The bold color on these recent Zircher covers is quite appealing. Real heaven and hellfire in tone. Icy hot. Each extreme accentuates the other.

The Shadow #5
By Francesco Francavilla

It’s often difficult not to select every Francavilla cover for this feature, week in and week out. Not all of them have made it in, certainly. Dozens and dozens have though.ย For each of those there is, I hope, a compelling reason. Here it’s as simple as a slight, counter clockwise nudge of the central axis to manipulate the symmetry. That pattern around the portal, askew as it is, makes it all the more visually interesting. All of those layers–the Shadow, the purple wall, the lattice, the crook, the napalm orange reaches beyond–are made so much more complex with a simple, what, 5 degree turn?

Fables #121
By Joao Ruas

Baby’s in Black comes to mind. It’s all in the texture of this haunting portrait. You just want to offer it a chap stick. And that single orb of reflected light in the eye makes it more unsettling than any Walking Dead cover. Just animalistic. Feral. Alive.

Lobster Johnson: Caput Mortuum #1
By Tonci Zonjic

It’s like a poster for the Lobster Johnson film Michael Mann never directed. A skyline alight with the same furious energy as our hero. His silhouette even reveals the city’s true depth and register.




  1. Francavilla’s style seems perfectly suited to a Shadow book. Pretty amazing cover work going on lately.

  2. That black&white Fables cover is nice to bad it’s not the one that’s on the comic.

  3. I knew that Lobster Johnson cover would make it on here, great picks Paul. I know what you mean about Francavilla’s covers, they’re all so fantastic, it’d be easy to just pick’em each time one comes out. I’ve almost picked up the Lone Ranger a few times, for the cover alone.
    That Fables cover is so wonderfully creepy. I love it when an artist shows off how compelling B&W can be when done right.

  4. Great covers especially from Zonjic & Zircher!

  5. How is Daredevil not on this.

  6. My favorit cover of the week is Godzilla: The Half-Century War #2. Stokoe is insane.