The Best of the Week in Covers – 08/13/2010

Covers are great and all, but I could really go for right now is a S'more. Which is inherent in the name, I think. That was good marketing. Who do you think came up with the S'more? The marshmallow people? A chocolatier? The graham cracker industry? Was it an alliance? Were the microwave companies involved? What are microwave tycoons like? Do they have third nipples? 


Right, so covers! 


Zatanna #4

cover by Stephane Roux

This one blows me away in terms of both composition and lighting. Roux has placed the viewer in the role of a demonic blue-hair! Two are in the foreground, and based on Zatanna's gaze, we could presumably be a third. The setting is easily established by the slot machines in the background and the tumbling coins. Then there's that great dramatic lighting. We have three characters in frame, and none of them show their actual flesh tones or hair color. Isolate sections of Z's tux not in shadow, and none of it is black. Even her hair is orange because of the extreme lighting. Coupled with the staging, this coloring choice adds a great level of drama to the piece, telling a pretty funny story in a single image. 

Daytripper #9

cover by Gabriel Ba

I think we take for granted just how difficult it is to use negative space, especially white space, to construct an image that feels whole. Ba and Moon do it with each new issue of Daytripper. What sells it for me is the koi in the bottom left foreground. It implies that the scene continues beyond our vantage of it. It draws us in and makes us part of the scene instead of just observers. 


Unwritten #16

cover by Yuko Shimizu

Insert clever agnosticism gag here. 


Batgirl #13

cover by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

Artgerm's Batgirl covers have been absolute standouts lately. I'm not even a big fan of Stephanie's costume, but when this guy does a pinup, he absolutely sells the look. With this issue, we get a very simple concept that tells us everything we need to know about the new arc. Clayface is back! The word balloon is the cherry on top, and it helps identify this title as the successor to Palmiotti, Gray, and Conner's Power Girl as DC's top funny book. 


  1. Third nipples are just 50% more fun.  I’ve never understood the problem.

    Those are all excellent covers.  I like the fear in Zatanna’s eyes.

    I have no idea how to interpret that Daytripper cover, but I want to read it (in trade form). 

  2. I knew that Batgirl cover would be mentioned as soon as I saw it at my LCS.

  3. An issue of The Unwritten with an awesome cover? Shocking. I have to say, I like the "puppetmaster" visual a lot there.


  4. The Batgirl covers really have been stellar. I don’t read the title, but I always notice them in the shop.

    I really thought Emerald Warriors would be featured this week. But these are good too.

  5. Clayface is getting a little handsy there.

  6. @conor – I agree!  Inappropriate touching going on!  My only critique with Batgirl is that I’m not entirely crazy about the costume/outfit being purple.  I’d rather it be dark blue or black.

  7. Actually I felt the cover of Batgirl was the worst part of the book.  I didn’t enjoy this cover as much as others.

  8. The WORST cover of the week has to be Superman #702.  Simply aweful.

  9. Make that "awful."  Sorry, my bad.