The Best of the Week in Covers – 08.22.2012

Covers were not out burying bodies. They were robbing trains.

Scalped #60
By Jock

Jock believes that children are the future, and statistically speaking, he’s dang right. The final issue of Scalped goes full circle, playing homage to its first. Dash shrugs off his war plumage for an angry toddler. Youth and innocence don’t do much to soften the tone of the original image. In fact, it speaks to the frustrating cycle of violence and oppression over generations.

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1
By Chris Samnee

Jodhpurs can make or break a morning. They can make or break a cover. What strikes me is how Samnee’s embraced a lived-in, rumpled approach to Cliff’s gear. Too often, the character is perfectly pressed, javelin-straight, streaking through the stratosphere like an art deco bullet. That makes for a stunning pinup, but the rocketeer needn’t always be a polished poster boy. It’s thrilling to see him in the thick of the action with just a little less pomp and circumstance. A real blue collar hero.

Lobster Johnson: The Prayer of Neferu
By Tonci Zonjic

Another stirring image from the pulp tradition, Zonjic’s treatment of the Lobster harkens to the days of flickering silver screen noir. At first glance, it’s all charcoal hues, a black and white gradient right out of Capra’s American Madness then accented with the character’s signature orange. Then you notice the subtle skin tone on either face, a simple touch that offers a little more warmth.

Untold Tales of Punisher MAX #3
By Esad Ribic

Frank simmers in the afterglow of a bar room brawl in this Edward Hopper painting from Hell. We know Esad Ribic can do a convincing Frazetta nightmare-scape, but this one proves he can do a hell of a lot more.

Mind MGMT #4
By Matt Kindt

I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there harboring bona fide dolphin phobias, but the level of menace in this image should prove chilling to just about anybody. Is it the combination of cuteness and certified intelligence? Is it just the haunting message in the water’s surface? Dunno. Just know that Matt Kindt has created paranoia with a porpoise.


  1. I really like that Punisher cover. The scars on his arm are a nice detail. It’s a hard knock life and you can tell.

  2. That Mind MGMT cover makes me think of Jones from Johnny Mnemonic. Also love the Lobster Johnson image, classic pulp at its finest. Great selection!

  3. Love all the covers chosen this week, particularly the Rocketeer and Scalped. Jock has been so good for so long doing the covers for that book.

  4. Nothing but goodness this week!

    As a huge Zonjic fan, I could stare at his stuff all day. In fact, I almost have with this new cover. Which leads me to this question…

    I was curious on the layout, and I’ve even tried drawing it out myself, but it appears that the stranger’s right arm punching Lobster Johnson is a bit long. I’m trying to determine the villain’s angle. Urgh…I think I’ve just stared at it too long.

    Zonjic is a composition master – can’t wait for his work on Where is Jake Ellis?

  5. I love Mind MGMT, but Samnee on The Rocketeer what a great cover!

  6. “Frank simmers in the afterglow of a bar room brawl” – You’re the new Frank Miller, Paul, and I mean that. Go write some Batman.

  7. How is it NO ONE mentions the ‘with porpoise” pun. COME ON! We got to call that out.

    I groaned, smiled and then got slightly disturbed by that cover again. I think it is the vague appearance of a smile on the dolphin and the awareness that whatever wholesome goodness that I am feeling – that the truth is much, much darker… and it taints every previous time that I have felt that feeling.


  8. Those are some strong picks. I particularly enjoy the Punisher and Lobster covers. I was pretty impressed with Flash #12, as well.