The Best of the Week in Covers – 08.21.2013

You’re not so special, Mr. Ford. You’re just like any other tyro who’s prinked himself up for an escapade, hoping to be a gunslinger like them nickel books are about. You may as well quench your mind of it, because you don’t have the ingredients, son. The Best of the Week in Covers to start.


 Batwoman #23
Cover by J.H. Williams III

Man, somebody had some tainted sausage before they drifted off to sleep. J.H. Williams III’s nocturnal indigestion and ensuing nightmares are our gain though. Yikes.



Daredevil #30
Cover by Chris Samnee

It’s all about the verticality. The joy too. Always the joy.


Avengers #18
Cover by Leinil Yu

Fallen generals of the Skrull empire line up for some seriously austere space opera posturing. I love the “1984” dystopic Apple ad lighting for a brisk Cold War aesthetic.



Fables #132
Cover by Joao Ruas

Not even kind of sure what’s happening here, but I do know what it’s like trying to complete an ice sculpture in time for the reception when the cat just want to sit on the thing. Seriously what.


Adventure Time_19

Adventure Time #19
Cover by Mike Holmes

A rush of wet, wild color in the most exhilarating rendition of chutes and ladders to date.



  1. The Adventure Time covers are always enjoyable. That’s one of the best yet. Good pick.

  2. J.H. WIlliams III is probably the most constant artist on this segment. This cover by his standards is pretty ordinary but such is the quality of his work.

  3. Avengers early 90s hip-hop album cover.

    Skrull Kill Krew ain’t nuttin ta f**k wit.

  4. Has Daredevil EVER had a cover that was underwhelming?