The Best of the Week in Covers – 07.31.2013

Don’t think! Feel. It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that comic cover glory.


Indestructible Hulk #11
Variant Cover by Mike Del Mundo

Well, now we have an alternative explanation for Gouverneur Morris’ peg-leg. Looks at that thumbnail! It’s a boogie board!


Batman Incorporated #13
Cover by Chris Burnham

A suitably surreal image for the last installment of Morrison’s Batman epic. Imagine if Batman could should an infinite number of smaller Batmen out of his chest, and each of those in turn…

The Fearless Defenders_7

The Fearless Defenders #7
Cover by Mark Brooks

A Mark Brooks work in progress is still more polished than many of the finished covers we see each week.



Collider #11
Cover by Nathan Fox

Who need physics when you’ve got color like that? Alluring from the start, the image becomes even more interesting when you note what’s happening with the light from those goggles.



Captain Midnight #1
Cover by Paolo Rivera

I feel like I’m being manipulated into joining some kind of organization for social change — maybe a time traveler’s union– but otherwise I’m tickled.


Optic Nerve #13
Cover by Adrian Tomine

“It’s just 2/3 of a cover!” you yowl. Nah. It’s a whole slice of life!


X-Men Legacy #14
Cover by Mike Del Mundo

Chess as a metaphor for manipulation is played out and Legion represents the next generation. As such, this board game scenario is one of Del Mundo’s cleverest and most playful inventions. That’s saying something.



  1. I animated that Batman cover when it was first solicited, that was fun:

  2. No nesting doll pun for the Batman cover? You’re slipping, Montgomery.

  3. I don’t read X-Men legacy or any X-Men titles but every month it has the most amazing covers.

    • I’m in the same boat, I don’t read it, but every Legacy cover has grabbed my attention from across the shop.

    • You guys are really missing out.

      Truly, X-Men Legacy should be considered alongside Hawkeye and Young Avengers as another $2.99 book that is such a fresh alternative to standard super-hero fare that you can’t believe it’s published by Marvel!

      It manages to be an anti-X-Men book in a lot of ways, while still fitting in nicely with that corner of the Marvel Universe.

  4. Take THAT King George!

    • You will address me as “Mad King George Ruler of Great Britain and Ireland” while i remind you that a secret invasion has already transpired in the kingdom of comics and Britain now rules. Hollywood will fall next.. mark the Kings words.

  5. My copy of Optic Nerve has a blue-green cover, did anyone get a purple one or is it just the solicit image?

    All of these are great, I especially like the Captain Midnight Rivera variant my shop didn’t have (Booo!)

  6. Dude, what do you have against Jock covers?

  7. I really want to play the mutant Game Of Life now. Lets see, ill play as colossus and choose Xmen school…. always get the insurance in case of sentinel attack.

  8. Nathan Fox phenomenal cover to Collider, wins hands down!

  9. Didn’t care for the issue, but I would have put Jock’s Batman Annual cover. Otherwise good picks!

  10. Mike Del Mundo is a god.

  11. Fearless Defenders is my favorite cover. Should I be reading this ?
    Something about a girl in overalls, always cute

  12. Until I scrolled down, I thought the Batman was vamoose-ing from someones thighs.