The Best of the Week in Covers – 05.02.2012

Best covers, ASSEMBLE!

X-O Manowar #1
By Esad Ribic

I’m a sucker for all things space opera, but this piece by the 21st Century’s answer to Frank Frazetta is a step above and beyond. In space, no one can hear you scream. But you can feel it.


Daredevil #12
By Paolo Rivera

Paolo Rivera knows how to alter our heart rate, with supernatural consistency too. Rendering just that one area in Daredevil’s sonar vision? Textbook ingenious. The EKG elevates it. But it’s maybe those hands that really sell this. Where else do you see that kind of nuance?


Mind the Gap #1
By Rodin Esquejo & Sonia Oback

Not a huge fan of the typography here, but I’m really taken with this ethereal snapshot of Elle, how her hair behaves as if submerged in water. You could read it as the moment she loses consciousness, either side of the gap between the material world and whatever limbo she inhabits through most of this first issue.


The Lone Ranger #5
By Francesco Francavilla

I’m reminded of that William Carlos Williams poem about so much depending on a red wheelbarrow and chickens and rainwater. It’s a simple image with bold, bold color. And it reads as unfettered, rustic Americana.


  1. Utterly brilliant. That Francavilla is magic – thanks Paul.

  2. Francavilla’s piece would look good hanging in a museum (especially a Cowboy museum!).

  3. I need to stop checking BEST OF THE WEEK IN COVERS out, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cover I’ve liked in it and it annoys me. My tastes must be too different.

  4. Looking forward to having that Daredevil cover in a HC a year from now.

  5. Great choices with X-O and Daredevil. That Daredevil cover is an early contender for cover of the year.

  6. I want to give a shout out to the Fury Max #1 cover. I thought the white silhouette on the orange background was very striking. The images on Fury’s chest really did a good job of letting you know what kind of book this is going to be. A good read too.

  7. Both Rivera and Francavilla are among the best artists working today. #understatementsoftheyear

  8. Francesco Francavilla is such a great artist! I have yet to see something from him that I do not like. His style is so unlike my typical taste, but his work is so dramatic and FUN to look at that I can’t help but love it. Can I get him as the regular artist on Batman after Capullo eventually leaves? Please?

  9. That Francavilla Lone Ranger is great…the colors are just amazing.

  10. Great list as usual. I’m always so impressed by Sonia Oback’s colors.

  11. Can’t argue with those picks, nice return for Valiant and X-O.

  12. I love the Daredevil one.

    Another of my favorites from this week was XFactor #235, with Shatterstar on the cover.

  13. Great picks. I really loved the Daredevil and The Lone Ranger covers.

  14. Didn’t see the Lone Ranger one in my shop. Not that I read it, it’s just very pretty. Also liked Dave Johnson’s Fury MAX cover.

  15. Avengers Academy #29,Teen Titans Annual, Earth Two #1,and Dial H #1 are my pics.