The Best of the Week in Covers – 03.23.2011

Covers–like milk and not being hit by a bus–do a body good. 

Namor the First Mutant #8

Cover by Phil Noto

"Everyone I've ever loved has turned into granulated sugar!" This is a terrific alternative to all those white covers we've seen the past few months. The tan background actually functions as a kind of negative space. 



Batman Incorporated #4

Cover by J.H. Williams III

You get your JH Williams Batwoman where you can, ya know? What truly astonishes me about this one is the fact that an American flag motif doesn't overwhelm the image. 



Captain America #615.1

Cover by Daniel Acuna

This pinup is like Norman Rockwell with PTSD. These textures blow my mind. The grime is tangible. This is what my mail generally looks like by the time my inept postman bothers to deliver them. 



Demo vol. 2 

Cover by Becky Cloonan

"My love for you…it's…intangible." 

"What does that even mean?"

Just elegant. Love the composition. And the subtle wallpaper pattern in the background. 


  1. You know how everybody complains about the cover having nothing to do with the story?  I was very disappointed when there weren’t any WWII scenes in Cap 615.1.  Clearly he’s storming some beach, I would assume in Normandy, but there weren’t even any flashback scenes.  Total bummer. 

  2. I love that Batman, Inc. cover so much

  3. That Cap cover is impressive.  I never would have guessed that was Acuna in a million years.

  4. My favorites were 5 Ronin (Aja), Batman Inc. (Williams), FF (Acuna), and Fables (Ruas).

  5. i love that description of the Cap cover. Normal Rockwell with PTSD. very funny.Although for my money its too gritty and “action-y” for Rockwell…maybe a bit more NC Wyeth… 

    i’d give an honorable mention to Uncanny X Force. Pinks Yellows and Purples that still look tough….thats impressive.  

  6. Man, Acuna’s come a long way in the past five years. I used to be seriously bored by his images, but recently he’s really stepped up his game. That cover is fantastic.

  7. I really enjoyed the cover of Fables this week (much more so than the actual comic).

  8. Cap is running away all scared.

  9. Brian Wood books always have great covers, don’t know if that’s cuz of him or cuz he’s super lucky to have good artists, but i think Demo and Local covers are beautiful