The Best of the Week in Covers – 01.25.2012

Covers are what happens when we’re busy making other plans.

American Vampire #23
Rafael Albuquerque

The pastiche of 50s advertising is pretty sublime, but the cropping makes this one even stronger.


The Unwritten #33.5
Yuko Shimizu

Turning a puppet into an object of terror is fairly common, but lending fear to the puppet itself is something altogether different. Shimizu’s always doing something fascinating with line, especially white or light colored line. It’s stark and alluring.


Dark Shadows #3
Francesco Francavilla

Barnabas Collins is one of my favorite vampire characters, a powerful figure of romance and tragedy. He also has my favorite vampire haircut, captured so well here. Love Francavilla’s choice of zooming in so close on this moment of savagery and using the perfectly orange blood as backdrop for a second scene.


Creepy Comics #7

Just love the atmosphere in this one. There’s a nice flow too, as you follow each of these guys back into a nice line toward the vibrant red entrance to the crypt. Thanos’ lady love has never looked so good.


  1. Oh come on! How did the TEAM AMERICA Justice League cover not make the cut?!?!?!?!

  2. Horror! You’re speaking my language. I am madly in love with Francavilla and this cover is a good example of why.

    • *shameless plug ahead* You don’t, by any chance, read in French right? Cause I’m the editor/owner of a small independant publishing house in Québec and we’re specializing in extreme horror litterature. It’s called La maison des viscères (the House of Guts). Here’s our website *shameless plug over*

    • Sad! I don’t. I went the German route (and am not from France or Canada.) Oddly, my mother is Canadian, but from Alberta, so It’s not pushed as hard over there. But I’m glad you got your plug in regardless!

      Do we have any french speakers? I know @gobo lives in Montreal, but I realize I have no idea if he’s speaks or if he just knows enough to get by.

  3. The Unwritten cover seems so much more unsettling when thinking of the role of puppets in the issue. Excellent.

  4. Francavilla is such a great artist! I love his oranges/purples, it’s otherwordly yet so striking. I read Captain America and Bucky #625/#626 last night and again, was blown away by his art!

  5. Horror tinged week. I like it.

  6. how have there been 3 issues of dark shadows published before i found out about it? (runs to see if it’s same-day-digital)

  7. Creepy covers always rock my socks

  8. The Creepy cover is so good, I stared at that one for quite a while when bagging/boarding up my week’s stack. That red color coming from the tomb is even more stunning in person. Sanjulian is a master at these sort of covers.

  9. I didn’t know Dark Horse was putting out a Creepy book.

    Also, American Vampire has amazing covers.