The Best of the Week in Covers – 01.04.2012

“On this lonely road, trying to make it home
Doing it by my lonesome pissed off who wants some
I’m fighting for my soul, god get at your boy
You try to bogard fall back I go hard
On this lonely road, trying to make some comics
Doing it by my lonesome pissed off who wants some
I see them long hard times to come” 

–Gangstagrass reflecting on the hardships facing modern comic creators in Appalachia.

Li’l Depressed Boy #8
Cover by Jamie McKelvie

When that ancient architect first invented the stoop, i wonder if he knew just how perfect a venue he’d designed for sulking and melancholy contemplation. Even sadder than that frown is a McKelvie girl with boots like that and no place to go.


The Lone Ranger #1
Cover by Francesco Francavilla

If Roy Rogers locations had this kind of art on the walls maybe the chain would be doing better in 2012. I instinctively reached for my fry holster to join in on the action.


 Fatale #1

Cover by Sean Phillips

Ferocity, thy name is woman. It’s like the Black Mask editorial team took over Vogue for a month.


Uncanny X-Men #4
Cover by Brandon Peterson

If Jughead Colossus did a cartwheel, we’d all be dead. There’s nothing that isn’t ridiculous or dangerous about this character direction, the the wacky mashup is showcased wonderfully here. Over the top in the best of ways.


  1. All great picks for this week. Is Colossus doing a shoryuken?

  2. Nice use of the Justified theme song, Paul! Quietly becoming one of the best shows on television.

  3. That grassy superimposed image makes it look like the Lone Ranger is rocking a serious neck beard.

  4. “maybe the chain would be doing better in 2012”

    I really miss Roy Rogers…

    At least there’s still Arbys.

  5. Bought the Lone Ranger #1 for Francavilla’s cover. I was impressed by the story and will pick-up issue #2 (Francavilla’s cover of course)!

  6. Man, Sean Phillips really can do no wrong. He’s so consistently good it’s silly.

  7. The only thing missing from that Uncanny cover is having the logo reflected in Colossus’ metal. that would’ve been awesome. All great covers though, my nod goes to the Mckelvie one. i love the way he draws women

  8. Honourable mentions to: Hulk #47, The Goon #37, Mudman #2 & Graveyard of Empires #3.

  9. I stand behind these choices and support them.

  10. The Fatale cover is great, no doubt, but I wish the character’s eyeballs were turned just SLIGHTLY more downwards. She looks somewhat inattentive/high as is.

  11. Wow, all the covers are great. I especially like that Lone Ranger one.

  12. Best of the Week in Panels, the feature so great Comic Book Resources just shamelessly ripped it off:)