‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ – S02E11 – “Infiltration”

I just want more Cap rallying a disparate group of prisoners. Give me more!

Here’s how “Infiltration” is described:

The Skrull invasion has begun, and Wakanda is the first target. Ms. Marvel attempts to protect Wakanda, but must deal with a stubborn Black Panther and a team of Skrulls posing as the Avengers.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. I’m right there with you Connor, I want more of Cap just being awesome. That being said I really liked this episode as well. Seeing how much T’Challa has improved Wakanda’s defenses and some great fight scenes between Avengers. Jan punching out Skrull Hank was a great inclusion. I kind of wished they had updated Hawkeye’s costume since last season though because I found it really hard to keep track of which one was a skrull during the big fight. Overall a solid episode, but it didn’t have the character building while doing action that last weeks did.

  2. Fun episode and I liked the Doom part the best. He goes to Tony, hands him the gizmo and then says “You save the planet, it would be beneath me”. It’s an interesting switch in this series as in the comics it was Johnny who married a skrull and here we have Sue being replaced.

    • I’m pretty sure Sue was replaced during Secret Invasion in the comics as well. Like 90% sure.

    • Sorry, I was confusing this replacement with the skrull that Johnny married when the skrull replaced Alicia.

    • I thought they did a spot on Doom as well. They nailed it. I particularly loved when he says, in effect, “I don’t dirty my hands fighting aliens, Stark. That’s what people like YOU are for”.


  3. Solid episode. Fury’s picture board was pretty awesome. It’s sad when I’m liking the Marvel animated universe more than the comic universe.

  4. I am excited to watch it tonight at 8:30.

  5. Black Panther with cape is awesome.

  6. Does anyone have any info on the controversial Spider-man episode? Are they not going to air it?

  7. originally the actor who played Spider-man on the Spectacular Spider-man was cast to voice him, but then Marvel/Disney came in and recast it with USM actor,

    • Why would they not air it?

    • I was confused about the air date. I confused the Australian dates with the US dates. The episode airs on the 22nd. And it’s going to be so much fun [ minus the exclusion of Josh Keaton ]. Maybe they’ll add the voice track to the DVD or blu-ray.