‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ – S02E10 – “Prisoner of War”

This week, Cap enacts a Great Escape! Will he end up like Steve McQueen or Charles Bronson? Either way, look out for the Super-Skrull!

Here’s how “Prisoner of War” is described:

After being a prisoner of the Skrulls for months, Captain America teams up with other prisoners, including some of his enemies, to escape. However, the mighty Super-Skrull gets in the way.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Liked the interaction between Cap and Viper. Gyrich in any comic is still a jerk. At least unlike the comic I’m not rooting for the skrulls this time.

  2. I loved this episode, probably because it was a love letter to Captain America. There was some great character work with the interactions between Cap and Viper that really made it shine for me. I was really glad that Cap just stated name, rank and serial number under torture, and I was a huge fan of his prisoner beard.

  3. Cap is back! This episode was amazing. I’ll take the debris shield over the energy shield any day.

  4. It’s so sad to see this cartoon go. I have seen all of season 2 and it was great. Even the Episode called “New Avengers” 1 episode is better done with Spider-Man and friends then new the Ultimate Spider-Man Season so far. Hoping Marvels new Avengers cartoon is nothing like UMS. Cuz I’m done with UMS. It’s sad even when the kids don’t even want to watch it.

  5. I really enjoyed seeing Cap being portrayed as the badass he is.

  6. The writers on this show REALLY have a handle on these characters. Cap was perfect, as was Gyrich, but the standout was Viper…I mean, this character has been around for what, 30 years? Has she EVER been as developed as she was in the 10-15 minutes of air time she got on this half hour show?

    Like the EMH Hank Pym, this is someone I want to see more of. Nice work!

  7. What really makes me upset is that this episode looks to set up the next season (Galactus!!) and we already know that we are not getting one.

    Well better to die a hero, than live to see them make you a villain. (or whatever was said in Dark Knight)

  8. This was my favorite episode in a long time. Maybe of the entire second season.