Terry Moore at a Crossroads

Terry Moore is an in-house favorite here at iFanboy HQ. Maybe you've seen Ron talk about it on the podcast, or in one of our posts over the years. Moore rose to fame with his seminal self-published comic series Strangers In Paradise. After the series' final issue in 2007, Moore has bounced around the Big Two and settled back into self-publishing with this current series Echo. But with the completion of the series' penultimate issue (#29 — on sale April), Moore is thinking to the future – going so far as to ask fans on Twitter several weeks back.

"The response was terrific," Moore said on his blog."Because Echo has an enthusiastic following and it has earned a place in the hearts of SiP readers. Many readers answered both or some sort of crossover, but the overwhelming majority voted for SiP, with the caveat that I not ruin the Happily Ever After ending to the previous series. This last point was hugely important to voters… Don’t screw with Francine & Katchoo’s happiness! And I couldn’t agree more. We all have way too much time invested in that, don’t we? Still, the majority of SiP voters said they were suffering from “Katchoo withdrawal”."

Moore goes on to say that he has some "kick-ass NEW characters and story ideas" in the back of his mind, describing them as both "insistent"
and "cute".

Moore has asked Twitter, but let us ask you: what would you like to see Terry Moore do next?


  1. Something new.

  2. As great as I think SiP and Echo are, I can’t wait to see what new stuff Terry comes up with next.

  3. I agree, something new.

  4. I agree that it should be something new, but I like the idea of all his creator owned stories taking place in the same universe.

  5. I’d like to see him do a straight-up graphic novel, whether it be SiP, Echo, or anything else of his choosing. I’ve enjoyed reading Echo monthly, and I think it also reads well in trades. I’m just curious what Moore would do with a single story told in about 100 or so pages in one shot.

  6. Something new for sure.

  7. I’ll take whatever I can get, but if pressed, more SiP, maybe only because Echo is still fresh and SiP has been off the radar for a bit.

    But any Moore is just fine with me.

  8. Something new for sure.  I understand what the fans of SiP want, but where’s the drama if he’s not screwing with those characters in some fashion.  ECHO’s been great, but if it has an ogranic ending, I’d much prefer that than extending the story forcefully.

  9. I’d go with smething new, the work produced will remain classic comic stuff.

  10. The man is a genuis; I will anything he puts out. 

  11. Terry Moore should write a new ongoing Lois Lane series… How cool would that be?!!!!! Who’s with me on this idea?

  12. I think Mr. Moore has the ability to create something new and still give Echo and SiP some love.  The fact that he’s creating his own universe of sorts leads to some cool opportunities to cross over.  I say bring in something new, but familiar.

  13. I have never read anything by Terry Moore, but I’m interested in Echo and I will buy whatever his next series is.

  14. New Books!

  15. A huge fan of both SiP & Echo. I hope he does something new. But more than anything, I hope he does what he wants. And not what fans tell him to do. Creators should be allowed to create. 9 times out of 10, fans don’t know what they want.

  16. Lois Lane! Lois Lane! Lois Lane!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anything he wants.