Terry Moore Announces New Comic Series: “Rachel Rising”

After making a name for himself with the epic fan favorite, Strangers In Paradise and the successfully following up that with Echo, a sci-fi story that's currently running and coming to an end soon, Terry Moore just can't be stopped.  Days before his appearance at the comic convention C2E2 in Chicago, and after hinting at it on his Twitter account and our own speculating here at iFanboy,Terry Moore has announced his next project on his blog, Rachel Rising

This is similar to when Moore announced Echo on his blog months before it launched, sending us all into a frenzy of trying to figure out what the story was going to be.  Well, it seems that that worked out pretty well as Echo is not only one of the best comics being published right now, but it seems that all of Moore's fans have enjoyed it.  

What's even more surprising is the fact that Moore just doesn't take a break.  He followed up Strangers In Paradise immediately by Echo.  And now that Echo is coming to a close this April, he's got Rachel Rising already worked out and slated to launch in July.  Based on Echo's release schedule, which has been like clockwork every 6 weeks, Moore continues to prove that he's a titan of independent comics, being able to create and ship high quality comic books on a regular basis.  

Not much is known about Rachel Rising right now as Moore only posted on his blog the opening to Rachel Rising, without any art:

Rachel Beck wakes on damp, soft dirt. Sitting up, she sees a foot sticking up from the ground in front of her. She is sitting on somebody. She is sitting on a shallow grave. Rolling onto her knees she claws the dirt away. It is the body of a woman much like her. The clothes are like hers. The face… it’s her. Dead.

He went on to explain that Rachel Rising will be an ongoing series that will lie mainly in the horror genre, but not the slasher type, opting fo rthe more scary side of the genre.  You can see the rest of his comments about the new series on his blog, as well as some more info over at Comic Book Resources.




  1. Awesome.

    Crazy how he doesn’t take a break. But as a fan, I love it.

  2. I Always point to the fact that with the similarites between the two, smith’s (brilliant) rasl is 9 issues in and moore’s (brilliant) echo is approaching 29! Both started right around the same time! A testament to the mans work ethic.

  3. This makes me happy

  4. I’m already sold.

  5. This is fantastic!! 😀

  6. Anything by Moore is an automatic buy for me. He doesn’t even have to announce the name, plot, or characters.

    If Terry says: “I’m doing a new book” you answer “10 copies please”.

  7. Echo was my first Terry Moore book. I have the SIP omnibus but haven’t tackled it yet. I’m 100% onboard for anything he puts out. Looking forward to it.

  8. Yes!!! I’m on board and can’t wait………

  9. I’ll look into this as we get closer.  This would be my first Moore book.  

  10. No one in comic’s is touching Moore’s character work. This is an automatic buy for me. 

  11. Oh yeah! I’m so there!

  12. Not a slasher, but horror book…I’m getting this.  I really want to read something that will creep me the hell out. It’ll be my first Moore book.

  13. This should be fuckin’ *awesome*. Totally looking forward to it.