Ten Things I Love About Comics (The Negativity Free Article)

In his interview with my esteemed colleague Josh Flanagan, B. Clay Moore said one thing that I don’t think anybody can disagree with – there is a lot of negativity that permeates the on-line comic book community. Even though we strive to rise above the rabble at iFanboy and promote a positive comic book experience, no one can deny the appeal of a good ol’ fashioned bitch fest. It’s just fun sometimes to rail against that which offends or annoys your sensibilities.

Sometimes, though, we as comic fans get so caught up in the vortex of bitch that we forget why we’re all here in the first place – we’re reading comics! We’re hanging out and talking with other people who are reading comics! This is supposed to be fun, dammit!

(And yes, on-line negativity isn’t the sole property of the comic book community, it just so happens that a comic book community is what we are so this is what we’re dealing with here.)

I’m drawing a line in the sand around this article and proclaiming it a Negativity Free Zone! In the comments I want to see people talking about what they love in comics right now, what gets them really fired up, what makes them happy to engage in this insane, weekly medium that we all love.

We all love it, right?


Ten Things I Love About Comics Right Now

I Love… my stack. If you can believe it, it’s almost twice as high as it was when I wrote about it during Stack Week. A few crazy impulse purchases (starting with “Omni” and ending with “bus”), a bunch of new releases, and a few comps means I’ve got trade paperback reading to look forward to for months to come! I have my stack right by my bed and I gaze upon it lovingly before I go to sleep every night. Creepy? Perhaps. But I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me.

I Love… Robert Kirkman. In the last few weeks we’ve seen the newest trade paperback releases of Invincible and The Walking Dead and they were both fantastic reads for completely opposite reasons. Like, I mean — completely. The man is a mad genius. No one is writing at such a high level with such range right now. No one I know, anyway. If there is someone writing such totally different, yet so totally great comics, as Robert Kirkman is with these two books, I’d like to hear about them.

I Love… the cover to House of Mystery #3. Have you seen it? Creeeeeepy. But awesome.

I Love… the weekly grind. Sure, it’s a source of bitching (“Ugh, comics never stop”), but secretly I think we all love it. I’ve advocated that comics take a week off here and there for the sake of the creative health of the industry but if that happened I’d be bummed to have a week without new comics. There is nothing like the wonder of a New Comics Day. Wednesday brings hope. Wednesday washes away the bad taste of bad books from the week before. Wednesday
could be the day you read something spectacular.

I Love… Cliff Chiang. He makes me sigh like a school girl with a crush.

I Love… 2008, The Summer of Comic Book Movies! We’ve still got Hellboy II: The Golden Army and The Dark Knight to go and despite Wanted, this is the most fun I’ve had during a summer movie season in years. Really. I find myself looking at the calendar to see how many more days I have to wait until the next big release. I don’t want it to end. I don’t want to think about life after The Dark Knight comes out (Punisher: War Zone in September, although that’s not the summer) and the long wait until the next installment in the Marvel Studios Universe.

I Love… Batman.

I Love… the fact that Geoff Johns and Brian Michael Bendis convened a joint panel at Wizard World Chicago — billed as the first ever Marvel/DC panel — and that they did it without clearing it with the higher ups at their respective companies.

I Love… San Diego Comic-Con. Yes, it’s too big and too crowded. Yes, by about Saturday afternoon I’d much rather be getting drunk by the pool than circling around the convention center yet again. And yes, I can barely walk for about a week afterwards. But, man, it’s just so much damn fun and so much unlike anything else I experience throughout the year. Honestly, I can’t wait for it to get here.

I Love… the iFanbase. Pandering? Perhaps. But you guys and gals are still the best comic book community on the web, no contest, and you make all the hard work and crazy hours worth it.


  1. Oh fun article, okay I’ll piggy back on sir.

    I love being the comic book guy amoung my friends, so whenever a comic film comes out I get the question of "What that charater like in the books? Was it true to the source? Who do YOU think will be in the next one?" and so on.

    I love having 60 years of comics to go back to and dig around in. I’m knee deep in Morrison JLA and the first 24 of Spawn and I’m loving it. 

    I love watching Justice League cartoons till 6 in the morning, and then loving that Kevin Conroy will be back as Batman for the Anime film

    I love that we got a Hellboy 2

    I love my long boxes…but my sister does not (feels they take up to much room), but I love her so it all works out.

    I love that I have tickets to the Midnight Dark Knight…oh baby!

    I loved getting my DCBS shipment today

    and Finally I love having this website to come to and to see it grow from a weekly audio podcast that was only about 20 mins (it’s true, go back and look at the first few episodes, it’s uncanny) to a fairy awesome community of folks.

  2. This article is the number one reason I love iFanboy and all the folks in the community. Decent, kind, intelligent and thoughtful people that enjoy spending time talking about something they love.

    I also love Batman, and especially having IMAX tickets for The Dark Knight.

    I love being so blown away by reading an amazing issue that I immediately start reading it again.

    I love that comics can offer you something as fantastical as Green Lantern, something as heartbreaking as Y: The Last Man, something as outlandish as Everybody’s Dead, or something as gritty as DMZ.

    I love (and this one might sound creepy) the smell of the pages from a new comic, as it’s just such a tangible experience that you can’t get from the TV or movies.

    I love getting hold of old comics from the early 90’s and seeing adverts for films like Under Siege or Batman Returns. The wave of nostalgia is awesome.

    I love this website, pure and simple, and everyone who’s in the community.

  3. I love, Ivory Madison.

  4. I love Conor’s bald head.

    I love how some people seem to be completely confused by Final Crisis and still love it.

    I love how some people seem to completely understand Secret Invasion and still dislike it.

    I love how Batman can be dying/retiring/going insane in RIP and investigating a time bullet (and not being driven insane by the concept) in Final Crisis.

    I love how comics can take you to 5 different wonderfully imaginative worlds in one Wednesday afternoon.

  5. i love guardians of the galaxy, for being awesome AND for giving me adam warlock tearing down false gods!

  6. I love…. this article! (Pandering? Definitely.  Laced with truth? Absolutely.  Terrible joke? Positively.)

    I love…. how every week, comics brings me back to my youth.

    I love…. the uniqueness of the medium.

    I love…. being completely surprised by something I think is going to be shite.

    I love…. superheroes.

    I love…. seeing the chemistry between creators leap off the page.

    I love…. reading comics while laying in bed with a beer on the night stand.

    I love…. when a really good comic book movie gives me a reason to talk about comics with people I would never talk about them with.

    I love…. collecting comics and allowing them to stroke my OCD itch.

    I love…. bacon…and sausage…and all breakfast foods.

    I love…. the fact that the iFanbase gives me a group of excellent peeps to talk about comics who will listen and laugh at (or value) my opinions.

  7. I love stuclach’s responce.

  8. I love…pull list Mondays…new comics Wednesdays…my ever growing stack and every shrinking bank account…everything about iFanboy (even the bitching sometimes as long as it is minimal and backed-up with good reason).


  9. I love Conor’s positivity!

  10. I love… BACK ISSUES. My LCS has a bargain bin of whole runs packaged up nice and neat for really cheap. So, like a good fanboy I always go there and get at least one and add it to my stack. Discovered HERO and rediscoverd BATTLEGODS through that little bin. I also got the Howard Chaykin SHADOW mini which is up next.

    I love… IMAGE COMICS. Not only because I’m an intern there (that’s not really fun, actually), but because it afforded me the opportunity to go back and pick up things that I think my budget wouldn’t have allowed me to otherwise. THE WALKING DEAD, FIREBREATHER, INVINCIBLE, NOBLE CAUSES, are just some of the ongoings that I picked up on trade and back issues and was completely blown away by the quality of writing and art in them. Invincible alone restored my faith in the ability of comics to rise above and stay fresh and exciting. I’m wondering how Robert Kirkman and Joe Casey have any time to sleep with the amount of output they get up on the shelves.

    I love… THE BIG TWO. If only for the simple fact that they are the Hollywood to the Image’s, Avatar’s, and Boom’s Independents. Someone like Kirkman or Bendis can do their big, splashy X-book or event comic and then, have the means to go crazy creatively on an indie book.

    I love… LONGBOXES. I have a lot of them and don’t utilize them as much as I’d like.

    I love… THE BOTTOMLESS STACK. This thing will never end. As long as I have a comic to read my stack will never die.

    I love… JASON AARON. Between his past and future runs on WOLVERINE, SCALPED, and GHOST RIDER, this guy is quickly becoming my favorite writer right now. And his two issue run on HELLBLAZER is really good so far.

    I love… CAPTAIN BRITAIN. Two issues in and it’s already the best thing in the Secret Invasion event. Skrull John Lennon? Excalibur? The Lady in the Lake gets pwned?! Cornell & Kirk have packed so much into these two issues, I just can’t sit still waiting for the next one to come out. I need more.

    I love… FANBOYS AND FANGIRLS. Especially fangirls, but that’s another story. I just like the friendly pressure to read shtuff that I wouldn’t had it not been for the intense, bug-eyed recommendation of a fellow fanboy. The somewhat, possibly not-so, witty exchanges, the wink-wink, nudge-nudge, comic in-jokes, the 13 year-old heated debates. Geeky? Yes. But, golly I love it.

    I love… TPBs & OGNs. For better or worse, I think trades have really bolstered a comic industry that isn’t selling issues in the hundreds of thousands anymore. Some could argue that writers are now writing just for trades, but the positive is that they’re getting into the hands of the casual reader and the opportunity is still there for more and more casual readers to become dedicated fans after picking something up from Borders or B&N. OGNs have given me a lot of good stories these last few years. SEVEN SONS, CONTINUITY, AQUA LEUNG, KING CITY. The list can go on and on, but creators being able tell one story in this format without being forced to stretch it out or condense it is just great.

    I love… THIS SUMMER MOVIE SEASON. Agreeing with Conor here. Most anticipated movies are still coming. DARK KNIGHT looks really dark and disturbing. I really hope it is. HELLBOY II looks like HELLBOY IN PAN’S LABYRINTH and that’s a very, very good thing. And, I’ll include PUNISHER: WAR ZONE because September is Indian Summer. I don’t care if it looks like a Steven Seagal movie. The guy looks hardcore and ready to shoot first and ask questions later. And any trailer that has the main character threatening God is aces in my book.

  11. Ok my turn…

    I love that Johns has made me love Superman again.  Add to that the actual Superman title being good this week and we might actually getting two good Supes titles.

    I love digging through back issues to find that one issue of Identity Disc I missed along the way.  Who doesn’t love seeking out a single issue for years only to find it as a garage sale.

    I love that I say I am a DC guy, yet buy way more Marvel books.  I don’t know when it happened but it is true…

    I love Events…screw the naysayers.  Nothing else in comics raises the stakes like a big crossover event.  Successful or no, events bring the goods most of the time I think.

    I love listening to comic podcasts at work.  Nothing brightens my day like listening the Boys, Geeks, or John talking about something I love.  Bonus when they use my question in a mini, yea it happened, I didn’t dream it.

    I love that the Avengers have two books even though they are essentially the same book.  Bendis, talk to marvel and just put out a superized book every month.  I love you  BMB.

    I love Green Arrow.  I also love that it took the Boys to convince me of this.  I really thought my love for GA died…Thanks Conor.

    I love paying 10 bucks for almost a thousand back issues that I then get to organize and peruse.  One of the greatest joys of comic collecting is organizing.

    I love that Mark Millar thinks everything he does is the greatest thing ever and that sometimes he is actually telling the truth.  Kick Ass, Fantastic Four, and Wolverine anyone.  Not saying which I prefer, but at least one of them is the greatest thing this year.

    I love Wednesday.  I love the anticipation of walking into the store and possibly finding something new to read.




  12. I love fear Agent  such an amazing book not a single bad issue seriously

    I love that fact that every time i think about dropping wolverine they put some one good on it

    I love bagging and boarding my comics and putting them in order 

    I love going to the library and reading graphic novels for free

    I love that I spend so much money on comics and it dosent bother me one bit 🙂

    I Love criminal I never thought I would love a crime book so much 

    I love looking at an issue of Cable and Deadpool it makes me smile every time

    I love sitting out side on a hot day with a pims and leomonade and reading Fables  

    I love discovering a new series and devoring trade after trade issue after issue i am looking at you Hellblazer 🙂 BTW thanks Josh Thanks for telling me about when to jump on this book nice one

    and lastly I love Darwin Cooke on Jonah Hex this it has Mounties bounus 🙂 



  13. I love…

    1. Action Comics

    2. Geoff Johns, eeeeerrrrr my wife

    3. Wednesday( Breaks the week in half and comic day)

    4. Superman

    5. Jennifer Love Hewitt

    6. Spider-Man and his hundred’s of villains

    7. Absolute version of Kingdom Come

    8. The Walking Dead

    9. Penelope Cruz

    10. Miller Lite and a handful of comic books 

  14. I love… JG Jones’ art

    I love… Greg Rucka’s novels

    I love… that the world has been given Ed Brubaker

    I love…Wired Magazine

    I love… George R.R. Martin audio books 

  15. I might as well add more fuel to the proverbial fire…

    I Love…

    Hardcovers. There is no better time than now to collect comics and display them in all their glory. Heck, someday I might even get around to actually reading them! But Boy Howdy, do they look pretty on my shelf!

    IFanboy. There is no other place for me to talk comics. I don’t have a LCS and noone remotely around me is into comics. It means alot to be able to discuss the merits of a cape without someone looking at you cross-eyed.

    Gordon the Intern: You rock Gordon! (And I mean that in the most fraternic/paltonic way!)

    Daryll Stalking the Streets of New York. Nuff said!

    The Pick of the Week. I wait with baited-breath wondering whatever will it be? …and the fun of how predictible the IFanboys can be! I’m looking at you Fables…or Captain America….or Powers….

    That is enough for now…..

  16. @SixGun man you ain’t kidding about the George R.R. Martin audio…I read all the books but have listened to them a dozen times.  I can’t wait till September.

  17. AHem…

    I love lamp.

  18. I love…

    Geoff Johns, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron

    Batman RIP & what I imagine in my head Final Crisis will turn out to be

    Invincible Iron Man, Captain America, JSA, Action Comics

    Gary Frank on Action Comics

    Instilling comic book love into my 3 little kids

    A world where Bendis fantasizes about doing a Plastic Man book at Vertigo with Alex Maleev


  19. Another 5…

    I love the Starman omnibus more than life itself.  Ok not quite that much, but it sure is beautiful.

    I love watching all the Mini shows on Friday night at work when everyone else has gone home. I turn all the lights off and use a overbed light in my fav surgical suite and just wig out on the fact that someone named a segment "It Came From the Storage Unit" or some shit.  

    I love that @the_jimski gave some love for the photocopied books.  Nothing says indy like owning your own long arm stapler.

    I love when people see me reading comics and they say, "They still make those things", and I respond by telling them about my favorite book at that moment.  This of course just makes me look like a dork, but I couldn’t care less.

    I love that a non-superhero book is currently my favorite…Thank You Jonah Hex crew.

  20. I love Iron Man, the book by Fraction, the movie with Downey, the miniseries beautufully done by Casey and Canete.  I love that after worrying Tony Stark was getting thrown to the wolves in Civil War that this year, so far, has managed to make things alright.

    I love All-Star Superman.  It’s currently my favorite book out right now.  I love that we have a comic that is so unabashedly a comic with all the trappings of a Silver Age, but everybody LOVES it.

    I love everything Ed Brubaker does.  He’s a master of the comic book craft and potentially the best one right now.

    I love Geoff Johns for the same reasons as I do the Bru.

    I love that I got into an argument with a pretty girl in class over who was a cooler character between Lex Luthor and Superman.

    I love the reaction I see on peoples’ faces when I show them "Pancakes" from Hellboy.

  21. 1 batman

    2. sipder man

    4 star man omi

    5 BKV

    6 Geoff Jonhs ( i have come to think that the real geoff Jonhs die while go and the one that is writing all these amazing comis is really a robot)

    7 Benis

    8 comic book movies

    9 wedsdays

    10 ifanboy!!!! 

  22. Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    1. I love looking up obscure obscure characters on wikipedia
    2. I love digging through quarter bins
    3. I love the fact that I emailed Geoff Johns and he emailed me back, no other industry has this sort of accessibilty
    4. I love wednesdays
    5. I love speculating on future story arcs
    6. I love discovering new and talented writers, here is looking at you Jason Aarron
    7. I love the iFanboy forum members
    8 Plastic Man
    9 Vaughn, Brubaker, and Johns
    10 iFanboy- You guys put on an excellent show AND a spectacular website and I just want to say how much I enjoy what you guys do!

  23. This article right here is why iFanboy has become my favourite comics website since I found it. Positivity & excitement out weighs anything else — no other site I know of can say that about the writers & the posters on the boards. And like target242 this is the only place I get to talk comics, none of my mates read them — so thanks to all my new comic readin’ crew here! 🙂

    Things I love about comics right now?

    – Geoff Johns work on Superman & Green Lantern (& the artists great work on these titles also)

    – Morrison’s crazy-ass getting to play with all the DC big boys.

    – Jason Aaron’s books. This dude has come from outta no where to be in my top five favourite writers.

    – Brubaker & Phillips’ Criminal. Blows me away every issue.

    – I love the smell of the fresh ink in new comics … so if it’s creepy, I’m right there with ya Eyun!

    – Getting new stories EVERY WEEK that are awesome. No other medium can boast this.

    – Catching up on 100 Bullets trades right now, and it’s even better than I expected it to be.

    – Finally — being part of what feels like a secret club who know the the truth — comics is the best medium for story telling.

  24. I love the years and years of back story that screw with your mind even after researching them for days (seriously, I do love that).

    I love that I can talk about comics with my husband for hours and hours and never get bored (awwwww). 

    I love that after three years of being a newbie adult comics reader, I’m now on top of things enough to explain them to other people (sometimes).

    I love… also Batman.

    I love that my fortuitous photo with Stan Lee at NYCC made me hyper for a week.

    I love Gail Simone and Greg Rucka, even if I missed their WW panel in Chicago last weekend.

    I love that I did however get to interview Gail for my actual job. 

    I love finding out how many other people secretly love comics.

    I love Booster Gold.

    I love that tomorrow I will get to eat ice cream and read a new comic at the same time.

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I love Jimski even though I pretend not to. 

    I love scrambling to write about comics each week.

    I love this community.  

    I love Battlestar Galactica (did I say that out loud?!)

    I love Darkhorse comics.

    I love new BPRD/Hellboy related books coming out almost weekly. 

    I love Superman, apparently.  

    I love WALL-E.

    I love Johann the Ectoplasmic Man.  

    I love…pretty much everything to do with Hellboy.  

  26. I love Geoff Johns on Green Lantern and dread the day the two should part.

    I love comic book women: Ms. Marvel, Mary Marvel, Jean Grey, Supergirl, Arisia, Spider-Woman, etc.

    I love my girlfriend for watching all four seasons of the Justice League cartoon with me and holding a place in Geoff Johns autograph line so I could see the podcasting panel Friday at WWC.  

    I love that I witnessed, in person, the first ever Marvel/DC panel (thanx to my gf for suggesting we go).

    I love when someone acknowledges something I’ve said here, whether arguing/agreeing with my point or getting a laugh out of something I’ve said.

    I love suprising my LCS manager to a Geoff Johns autographed copy of GL tomorrow.  

    I love The Hulk thru thick and thin, green and red, intelligent and dull.

    I love Ron’s sideburns and contagious laugh. I seldom fail to get caught up in his madness. "The Loom of Fate!"

    I love Josh’s misunderstood persona and that regardless of what he does he will always be thought of as the critical one (much like Hank Pym and his wife-beating stigma).

    I love Conor for being The Rock, logical and grounded. No one else here keeps it more real.

    I love bong-loads and cosmic stories! Never will I tire of this duo.


    I love, love, love having people to converse with about the books I’m reading. Keep it coming IFanboy nation! 

  27. I love my comic store – but in the non-sexual way. Great selection, friendly owner, close to work/home/the wife’s office, ease of access (again, non-sexual). Awesome shop.

    I love other comic stores – frequently driving long distances through different parts of the Maryland-Pennsylvania-Delaware area,  I thoroughly enjoy stopping at different shops just to check out what’s out there. Often, I’ll find something I was looking for, something I forgot I was looking for, or something completely new to me. I can list at least 20 shops I’ve been to in the last year, and I’ve bought something from just about all of them, which leads me to…

    I love my stack – as has been covered thoroughly over the last couple of weeks, we have them and we all pretty much admit we love them. My stack seems to grow daily, yet never seems to get any smaller.

    I love The Walking Dead – I really wish the iFanboy’s would get to this in issues. I’d love to hear the comments on the issues as they come out.

    I love Bendis – say what you will about his use of too much dialogue or what he has (or hasn’t)done to continuity, the man can tell on f’n hell of a story. Plus, the Powers letters page is the funniest thing I read each month (or six weeks, or two months, or whatever)

    I love DC – the characters, the fictional cities, the events, the writers, the teams – I can think of nothing I don’t enjoy about DC

    I love my wife – for indulging me each week (and those road trip side trips) with my fussing and mussing with my comics. The cash, getting to the shop, getting home from the shop, bagging and boarding (up yours, I like my things nice) – she puts up with it and doesn’t complain.  Much.

    I love the Loom of Fate – haven’t seen the movie, probably won’t catch it until it hits cable, but I love the iFanboy Loom of Fate discussion.

    I love the next year or so of comic movies –  Hellboy II, Dark Knight, Wolverine, Transformers 2, GI Joe, WATCHMEN!!! Plus Iron Man and Incredible Hulk on DVD. Great stuff coming up.

    I love this year’s line-up for this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con –  Bendis, Mignola, Wrightson, Johns, Jim Lee, Robinson, Waid, Chaykin, Immonen -butt-load of guys I’ve wanted to meet for years and, barring any unforseen tragedies, I’ll get to this September.

    I love the iFanboy and all it represents. 

  28. Second go…

    I love, and this will sound cheesy, that despite this being a fun thread and all, reading everyone’s answers actually did put me in the best mood all day. Every single post made me smile.

    Kudos to the best community on the web.

    (PS: Conor for President!) 

  29. I love the idea of comics fandom as a type of oral history.  Because nobody has read everything (except possibly Mark Waid) and so, in just about any conversation with a fellow fan, you’ll both end up learning something you didn’t know.

    I love that my brother quit reading comics in the early 90s, and I started ten years later, and that when i told him everyone makes fun of Rob Liefeld now, he thought I was messing with him.

    I love listening to the people who make comics talk about what they do.   This was the most pleasant surprise of coming into this fandom.  I have a lot of background in listening to writers talk about what they do and I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a group that’s as articulate and passionate about storytelling as a profession, and as a craft.  And they love what they do, too, which is always nice to hear.

    I love dark-haired boys with absurd daddy issues (in fiction, anyway).  For some reason, comics have them in abundance.  Scott Summers, Tony Stark, Hal Jordan — I’m looking at you.

    I love hard-headed hot-tempered women who know they could save the world if all the idiots would get out of their way.  Jean Grey, Wanda Maximoff, Renee Montoya, Buffy Summers (who totally counts now). 

    I love well-meaning, just-slightly-out-of-their depth guys who get up every morning and do their jobs while suspecting they’re not the right kind of hero for this crazy world.  Henry Hellrung. Phil Sheldon. Marcus Driver. The Science-Police guy from this week’s "Superman."

    I love Vic Sage. I love Cable.   I love Guy Gardner.   I love Wolverine.  They’re all kind of ridiculous, and that rocks.

    I love Jeff Parker and Fred Van Lente and Colleen Coover and the little "First Class" Universe they’ve carved out in Marvel -a safe space for this universe’s first generation of characters where they won’t end up dead or crazy or floating through space, and you can almost believe there’s a bright future ahead of them.

    And, you know, that’s way more than ten —

  30. Wow, after reading this, I think Conor just got laid! Bravo sir!


    I love the fact that most of my favorite books from my youth, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, etc, are (I dare say) better now than they have ever been!


    I love the indy comic scean. Not only are there top notch books that I’ve loved like Dar Dare, Tales from Wonderland, Soulfire, and Mouse Guard, but the creators are always enthusiastic and easily acsessable at cons. No lines, just walk up, get a sketch or a signature, shoot the shit and have a great time.

  31. Lontime lurker and listener, first time poster

    I love that this thread made me finally become a part of this community. 

    I love that the lasting legacy from an old relationship is that he introduced me to Spider Jerusalem and this wonderful wacky world of comics. 

    I love that the iFanboy podcast saved my sanity through 3 months of daily 3 hour commutes.

    I love that the podcast made me so intrigued about certain titles that I found the nerve to walk into my LCS (despite being a girl and dressed in a suit for work) and not only introduce myself to the guy behind the counter, but have him order me something that wasn’t in stock. 

    I love Fables.

    I love my local library system for allowing me to dive into Y the Last Man, Strangers In Paradise and Sandman. 

    I love that my cousin bought his older, female cousin a Hulk Mighty Mugg for her birthday last week, because we like to make references to "going purple pants" at family functions. 

    I love that my family didn’t question me last christmas when the girl with multiple degrees in literature asked for Watchmen and Maus.

    I love that I have a fangirl crush (with all do respect to all wives and girlfriends) on each of the iFanboys for different reasons. Ron, for when he giggles and our shared love of Morrissey. Josh, for the fantastic sarcasm and hilarious accents. And Conor, for being the funny logical one with the hot voice.



  32. @Megnolia  — Girls who wear suits into comic book stores represent!  It took me about 15 months to actually converse with the guy who sells me comics, and that was because I went home to change into my Iron Man T-shirt the day the movie came out . . . suddenly, I kind of looked like I belonged there.  


  33. @Megnolia – I love, and I think I speak for all of us, that this thread made you become part of the community. It’s the best place on the web, and the more the merrier. Welcome!

  34. I love ten different facets of the same wonderful thing: we live in the future, my friends, and every single solitary thing you ever wanted to get your hands on and read can be gotten. 90% of the time, you don’t even have to leave your house to get it. When I was a wee lad, if you happened to buy issue #10 of something at 7-11, you had no way of knowing if you were ever going to see #11 anywhere, and if your comic shop didn’t have a box full of marked-up #s 1-9 you were basically screwed. Now? Here, in our Jetsonian wonderland?: 

    -trade collections

    -hardcover collections

    -Marvel’s Essentials/DC’s Showcase mega-collections

    -entire runs on DVD-ROM

    -amazon.coms ensuring the always-in-stockness of the above 

    -Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited 

    -back issues readily available on ebay

    -back issues readily available on craigslist 

    -hip librarians

    Okay, that’s only nine, but the possible tenth option prominently features eye patches and parrots and I don’t "love" that one. But you see my point. Never have been more options been available to you! 

  35. I love Marvel Essentials/DC Showcases

    I love Hack Slash by Tim Seeley

    I love comic book podcasts

    I love that I got the Uncanny X-Men ombnibus on ebay for 50 bucks

    I love Brian K. Vaughan 

  36. @ohcaroline–I think I introduced myself for the opposite reason..I stuck out, so I kinda felt like I had to explain myself. I may have dropped the name Bendis just to give myself some street cred.

    @Eyun–Thanks! I’m feeling very welcomed!!

  37. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Megnolia – Welcome to the iFanbase!  Mighty Muggs are awesome.  There was a lot of back and forth on the staff e-mail chain when I introduced mine in this article.  I think I forced Conor to embark on a collection of his own.  The Hulk one is so funny. 

  38. @PaulMontgomery – I wouldn’t call it a *collection* so much as just the one Captain America Mugg… although I’ll be totally honest in that I love it so much it *almost* made the cut for this article.

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @conor – You need more of them.  You do.  Would you get a Red Skull?

  40. @PaulMontgomery – Nah, not Red Skull.  I thought long and hard about Iron Man or Spider-Man though.

  41. I love organizing my comics. It’s type-A, I know. There’s something zen about flipping through while alphabetizing and finding something you loved and forgot about. (I tore open some back issues of Thor last week, much like the mini episode some weeks ago.)

  42. I love :-

    (1) Comic book podcasts (especially ifanboy) for making my long daily train commute something to actually look forward to.

    (2) Digital Comics Preservation (the love that dares not speak its name, only I just did) for the same reason.

    (3) Looking at the professionally bound hardcover volumes on my shelf of some of my favourite comic runs (currently Preacher, Jack Staff, The Filth, Captain Britain (Moore/Davis/Delano), Catwoman (Brubaker) – more to come when I can afford it).

     (4) 2000AD. Particularly the wonderful ‘Judge Dredd Case Files’ which are Marvel Essential style b&w phone book reprints of all the JD stories from the beginning. Writer John Wagner is a genius.

    (5) Scalped. ‘Nuff said.

    (6) Those Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibii (and the forthcoming Elektra Omnibus). And Bendis’ DD omnibus due soon. Oh and my Bowen DD bust.

    (7) The library stacked with GN’s next to where I work

    (8) Alex, Justin & Pete

    (9) BENDIS!

    (10) Fell (remember that?), Criminal, Young Liars, Kick-Ass, RASL, The Twelve, Dan Dare, Northlanders, Lobster Johnson, Proof, Warhammer. I could go on ……….




  43. I enjoy comic books. Sure.

  44. My cats: Zoloft, Lexapro, and Kitty McGee, a.k.a. Zoey, Lexie, and Mac, respectively.

    Powers, Jinx, Fortune and Glory …ah hell, Bendis. Every book he writes, letter column he puts together (and insult he issues), every podcast he appears on. 

    Joss Whedon. The six most beautiful words in the english language? "Written and Directed by Joss Whedon." Best bet for a quality comic read? "Written by Joss Whedon."

    John Cassaday. 

    Warren Ellis.

    Planetary 27 actually being drawn as I write this!

    The glorious renaissance of Howard Chaykin.

    The uncut, uncensored versions of UK TV. Spaced, Black Books, Doctor Who, Spooks, Green Wing, and Life on Mars. 

    Good comics and pop culture journalism/discussion. Onion AV Club, iFanboy, Around Comics etc.

  45. to talk about my love of comics is also to talk about my love of the comics community so here goes:

    -I love free comic book day.

    -I love walking into my shop and seeing walls full of zines and homemade comics by people I just might hear of through the mainstream press a few years from now.

    -I love talking about the Wednesday haul with people and sharing stories that the other’s might not be reading or even know about.

    -I love that mythological characters have traded in their togas for capes and now adorne rollercoasters and Big Gulps instead of coliseums.

    -I love that there are places like iFanboy where people can come together to appreciate the medium we all enjoy and not tear it apart just for the hell of it.

    -I love that DC fans are sometimes defensive and Marvel fans sometimes smug.

    -I love that no matter the convoluted continuity of a character there are hundreds of takes or stories of those characters to enjoy even if the "current" one isn’t to your tastes.

    -I love that good indie books that flew under the radar are being made into films people can enjoy and talk about without that odd sense of shame about reading a comic we have in this country.

    -I love that when I’m on the subway reading a comic I get either odd, almost snide looks from some, and thumbs up high five head tilts from those that know it’s all good.

    and finally

    -I love the limitless scope and range comics offer both the creator and the reader.  It’s a script, a storyboard, and a roadmap for the reader’s imagination wrapped up in 22 pages of glory with two staples locking down the middle crease.





  46. I LOVE the smell of new comics. What a rush!!

    I love going back and reading a run of early Valiant titles.

    I love the great writers and artists sharing their talents,

  47. I love 12 panel pages. The latest issues of Daredevil and Iron had them and I love the amount of story it packs in.

  48. I love Conor coming up with phrases such as "the vortex of bitch"

  49. I love…

    1. The director of "Incredible Hulk" for the Bill Bixby cameo.

    2. Christopher Nolan

    3. using ebay to buy back issues at 1/3 the original price

    4. Stan Lee for making comics respectable

    5.  iFanboy podcast for introducing me to independent comics like Invincible, Proof and Walking Dead.

  50. I love that a well drawn panel of a strong, good hearted man in tights can bring a tear to my eye.

    I love what stuclatch said about all the different world’s you can visit in one Wednesday afternoon.

    I love comic book shops and I love seeing piles of a single comic book, and I love standing shoulder to shoulder with other fans as we pick copies of our books off the shelves, and I love having a huge pile of books in my hands.

    I love "A Sunday Afternoon chat with Dan Didio" from the DC podcast, and I love that it almost made me cry.

    I love sitting down in public and reading my books and not giving a damn about whether or not anybody thinks it’s silly for a grown man to be reading superhero comics.

    I love giving other people comic books.

    I love my brother for introducing me to the marvel universe.

    I love my cousin Todd for getting me to read comics and taking me to my first comic convention.

    I love John Siuntres.

    I am extremely uncomfortable in crowds, but I love being in a convention center full of a bunch of people who all unselfconciouslly love the same things I do.

    I love the iFanboys and the iFanbase.

  51. I love Geoff Johns for making me feel like i’m 12 again

    I love my Action Figures proudly out of the blister pack and standing in rows on my bookshelf

    I love comic book podcasts in general and iFanboy specifically for getting me charged up again about comics.

    I love being able to go to cons and meeting my favorite creators and podcasters

    I love my Dad for buying me comics when I was home sick from school and my Mom for not forcing me to get rid of them after.

    I love reading a comic and being totally surprised by it (Scott Pilgrim anyone?)

    I love being a grownup with a good job so I can support my $75 a week habit.

    I love picking up my books on Wed. and reading one in the parking lot because I can’t wait to get it home.

    I love superhero team books and the more members the better. 

    I love "Tom vs. the JLA" & "Comic Book Queers" and how podcasts don’t feel the need to compete with each other for listeners, but instead often cross-promote each others shows.

  52. I love iFanboy and the iFanbase.  As mentioned by many a person above, I too have no one to really talk comics with in my circle of friends.  It’s almost embarassing how much I look forward to watching podcasts and checking the website.  I truly feel like y’all have become my friends in comics.

    I love the serial nature of the medium.  Yes, I’m mature enough to know that I’m being strung along, and that the stories (in mainstream continuity) rarely ever reach any meaningful climax.  And I’m fine with it.

    I love the librarian who carries the first Invincible hardcover collection.

    I love the fantasy of superhero comics.  Stepping outside outside of the often demanding, dreary real world, even for fifteen minutes at a time, is well worth my $2.99.

    I love the physical action of deciphering what I’m reading.  Scott McCloud’s a genius.  It’s challenging and a total blast at the same time.

    I love the idea that there are some people, even if they exist solely in the pages of my books, that always do the right thing.  

    I love being part of the comics culture.  The friendly banter in my LCBS, following the viral marketing for The Dark Knight…it’s all tons of fun.

    I love the hope I harbor that the next issue has to be better than the one I read last month.  It doesn’t hurt that I’m right every once in a while.

    I love that my friends really don’t know much about the world of comics.  It’s mine.

    I love discovering a new book. 


    1. I love knowing more than my students do about their favorite super-heroes.

    2. I love knowing what words like "doppleganger" mean, when most other people don’t.

    3. I love that I still haven’t read all of the "Legion of Super-Heroes" comics and I’ve been reading comics for 20+ years.

    4. I love that gay and lesbian characters are represented in comic book pages.

    5. I love that every Wednesday, I can look forward to a new story.

    6. I love Wonder Woman.

    7. I love that libraries now have graphic novels and trades.  So I can read books without having to buy them.

    8. I love that anytime I want, I can reread my favorite era of the X-Men. (Australia, baby!!)

    9. I love that comics are getting to a point where I can talk about the premise of some books and my friends say " That sounds really interesting." (Fables, Y, The Last Man)

    10. I love that a panel in a comic can still make me cry.


  54. @zattaric – Haha!  I have the same thoughts about "doppleganger".  I’m always dropping it into conversation and am constantly shocked how many people don’t know it/have never heard it.

  55. I love… the idea of this article and so I have to add to it

    I love… putting off bagging and boarding my comics untill about a month’s worth gathers up and then organizing it all at once

    I love… reading about superheroes.  I feel better about my day when I check in with the guys who fight the good fight (and sometimes when they dont)

    I love… the X-men.  They are what brought me into the world of comics and they will forever have a special place in my heart.

    I love… the Avengers books starting with New Avengers #1 to present.  Kinda reminds me about the X-men sometimes.

    I love… listening to IFanboy on my Ipod at work.  Not only does it help pass the time like you would not believe, but somtimes its the only time I get to discuss what I’m reading (even though its kinda only mental comments to myself in my head).  I love having that outlet, so thanks guys for that.


  56. i love invincible and ’70’s spidey because they deal with life problems as well villians

    and i love the art work of Jim Lee