‘Teen Titans Go!’ – S01E06 – “La Larva Amor”

Teen Titans Go_La Larva Armor

Here’s how “La Larva Amor” is described:

The gang agrees to take on the responsibility of babysitting Silkie, the baby mutant killer moth, but they end up losing the slimy little fellow who ends up somewhere south of the boarder, having an exciting telenovella adventure.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.
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  1. Did the shows get reduced to one part episodes? No more two pieces per?

    • Yes, starting with last week they are just showing it as one 15 minute block. Bizarre, but that’s the world of cartoons.

    • I think I figure out why I like the earlier episodes better then, they weren’t stretched out to fill time. Plus the second half was usually funnier anyway. The show’s not ruined, but I don’t think a 15 minute block like this compares to “Pie Best Friends” or maybe “Robin Learning to Drive”.

  2. This was another funny episode, but it had more odd moments like Robin searching Starfire’s Room stealing her diary and smelling her makeup. I hate the new Robin/Starfire dynamic, but I loved the Deadman Easter egg.

  3. I hate Silkie! I kept hoping he would get stepped on or run over.

    The milk mustaches and beards were awesome!

    • Yea my least favorite part of this episode was Silkie and that woman in love.

      I don’t know why I found the milk mustaches so funny, but I did..

  4. I have a feeling this schtick will get real old real fast.