Teaser: Meet Dee, the Latest Roomie in Kurtis Wiebe’s Next Project

Update: April 8th, 2013:

Meet Dee, the fourth and final addition to Kurtis Wiebe’s upcoming project. We’ll find out more about Dee, Betty, Hannah and Violet very soon.


Update: April 1st, 2013:

Meet Betty, the third new character in Kurtis Wiebe’s upcoming project! She’s pre-gaming for the big announcement.


Original Post from March 28th, 2013:

Peter Panzerfaust and Debris writer Kurtis J. Wiebe is prepping his next comic series, and we’ve got the first two teaser images. Meet Hannah and Violet.

Do we detect a bit of a sword and sorcery by way of Lena Dunham’s Girls vibe?



Check in next Monday to meet the new girl!


  1. At this point, Wiebe= automatic preorder.

  2. Fuck yeah. I wish the big two would pick up on Wiebe and Nathan Edmunson. Everything they do at Image kicks ass.

  3. Wiebe? I’m in. Grim Leaper didn’t really do it for me, but that dude is definitely going to be a name that future generations of comic readers know if he keeps it up.

    • What, he wrote that?! He totally stole that story idea from me, and the worst part was I didn’t even like “Grim Leaper #1”!

    • What do you mean he stole it from you?

    • I was going to ask the same question.

    • Collective subconscious? …..Or maybe this was just one of those moments that all writers have where they read or see something VERY similar to a project they had in mind, and it destroys them, haha.

      Back on topic, I have enjoyed everything that Wiebe has done, especially Peter Panzerfaust, so I will be picking this up. These are lovely promo images. I had a nice hardy laugh at the 3rd one.

    • Oh right, context. Way back last year I went to the the Gem City Comic Con and told this group of guys a pitch about my comic “Resurrection Bob” (working title) about a character who comes back from the dead multiple times. Maybe 4 months later “Grim Leaper” hit the selves. Yea I know the math doesn’t add up, I was only half serious! BTW; I was want to say I really enjoyed volume 1 of “Peter Panzerfaust”.

    • Peoples taste in comics are funny. I am not putting your tastes down, IthoSapien, I have enjoyed everything he has done…especially Grim Leaper…I really thought it was unique, and well done. The teasers for this are great, and for what its worth Hannah can conjure all the “fuck you” she wants for me.

      I had the pleasure of meeting Kurtis at free comic day a year ago and lemme tell you guys, he’s as nice as he is talented.

  4. Color me intrigued.

  5. I’ll probably check this out. I’ve been loving Peter Panzerfaust, though I passed on Grim Leaper.

  6. “Find out what happens when witches stop acting polite and start ACTING REAL!”

  7. It’s just like my Harem animes!

    Can’t wait!