TEASER: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3

The shooting of season three of the smash cable hit The Walking Dead is well underway and to keep you enticed until the presumed fall premiere date, AMC has put together a little cast and crew teaser:

Things to look forward to in season three: Michonne, The Governor, the prison, and lost of blood, apparently. And maybe T-Dogg will get to talk more!


  1. Is this the BBC version?

  2. Video wont play outside USA 🙁

  3. “…darker, harder, faster, deeper…” I guess it will be the prison season.

  4. I saw more T-Dogg in this making of clip than in most episodes last season.

    Aw, hell naw.

  5. I guess I know why it took him so long to master a Southern accent.

  6. Robert Kirkman was going to be in this video, but he was too busy swimming in his large vault of gold, much like Scrooge McDuck.