TEASER: “Patience” from Image Comics

A couple of days ago, Image Comics sent us the following teaser image, with no additional info:

While they didn’t provide any information as to what this was related to, the subject of the Obama/Hope homage looks awfully familiar…plus a little birdie tipped us off that this teaser was created by former iFanboy writer and long time pal Sonia Harris.

Let the speculation begin!


  1. It’s for Image United

  2. When did Ron Swanson get his own comic book?

  3. Butcher Baker Riotous Maker baby!

  4. That’s what I thought. The return of Butcher Baker after a short hiatus.

  5. Have to say I think it must be to do with the recent delays on Butcher Baker…

  6. I will wait as long as it takes, Mr. Huddleston

  7. Weird, I just assumed is was Omni Man running for office.

    Would he really have to run?

    Anyway, there are too many mustached leads these days. It might even be Reed Gunther..

    What if it’s revealed that they’re all the same guy at different points in their lives?!?!?!?

  8. It’s for Butcher Baker I guess the next issue isn’t coming out anytime soon,

  9. It has to be something about bringing something back from 2008? I mean a parody of the HOPE/CHANGE Obama poster was done to death 3.5 years ago, maybe they are bringing a character back from 2008? (I’m being completely serious BTW.)

  10. Yeah, it’s the for the return of Butcher Baker. The artist, Mike Huddlestein, is working on The Strain now, so it might take some time.

  11. a virtulmite ?