TEASER: New Title from Image Comics

Earlier today, I got a mysterious bit of art in my inbox that I wanted to share with you all.  I’ll let you know everything I know about it:

  • It’s coming from Image Comics
  • It’s writer Ales Kot’s new project
and that’s it.  No idea what it’s called, who the artist is, or anything other than the below…let the speculating begin!


  1. Looks like Riley Rossmo art to me .

  2. Avatar photo Ales (@ales_kot) says:

    Regarding Riley Rossmo being involved with this project: that’s one way of seeing it.

    If you take a look at some of the more recent viral campaigns across the media landscape, you may realize that planned deception is often part of the game.

    I know Riley, and I can openly admit that we’re working on something together.

    Is it this comic? Don’t be so sure.

  3. If this is Rossmo, it’s the cleanest work of his I’ve ever seen. It’s missing his trademark sketchiness.

  4. The art is very ‘eye catching’ indeed. .Is that a camera lens of some sort?

    The cryptic reference to lies in the same breath as ‘existence’, ‘meme’, ‘virus’ and ‘protein’ seems to suggest a science/religion conversation. Reinforced by the hint that our generation needs to grow up as it relates to this ‘lie’ we’ve told ourselves over the years.

    I may be way off, but I’m intrigued!

  5. That’s totally Alex Ross. Dialogue by Stan Lee.

  6. More importantly…this is obviously She-Hulk, 2nd panel confirms it

  7. That’s some interesting writing.
    And I don’t know about you guys but Those people to the right kinda look like there in fear.
    This looks cool guys.

  8. I thought there was dirt on my screen from all the black dots.

  9. I smell a Grant Morrison script.

    • I know Ales Kot’s the writer, but there’s definitely a Morrison-esque quality to the dialogue.

    • I’d say Grant & I share some common ground, yes.

    • Yeah, the pacing is very Grant. Which is cool, but also a shame. No artist should practice imitation. No offense Ales, I’m really curious about the story.

    • The pacing of this teaser is an example of one of the oldest storytelling tricks in comics, David – not something Grant Morrison invented. There’s no shame in learning from the best, but limiting myself by just imitating another artist–however great he is–is not what I’m interested in.

      I’m glad you’re curious about the story, and I hope you’ll read it with your mind wide open.

    • Duly noted that Grant didn’t invent it, he just epitomized it.

  10. I wish Riley and A.J. Lieberman would do more Cowboy Ninja Viking. Even just one more story to resolve the cliffhanger from the last issue.