TEASER: Lobster Johnson Strikes Back in Dark Horse Presents #9

Whenever I’m traveling I like to bring along a little length of thread, and when I leave my hotel room to peruse the open air markets and bazaars, I’m careful to lay that strand amongst my belongings. If I’m being followed, the interloper will no doubt displace it in the process of searching through my possessions. But if, when I return to my lodgings and find the strand undisturbed, I know for certain that the Lobster has been there in that room. Because the Lobster is cautious. The Lobster is the best of them.

I’m pleased to report that the fan-favorite crimebuster makes his stunning return to comics in February’s Dark Horse Presents #9. But in his pursuit of a famed mobster, will the Lobster give evil its just desserts or find himself elsewhere on the menu–as bisque for the underworld.

Lobster Johnson promotional art by Mike Mignola

From Dark Horse:

In “Tony Masso’s Finest Hour,” Mike Mignola’s pulp hero is on the trail of a notorious mob boss. However, when he arrives at the gangster’s mansion to take him down, it turns out there is more afoot than just good old-fashioned organized crime.

Look for “Tony Masso’s Finest Hour” by Mike Mignola, with art by Joe Querio in Dark Horse Presents #9


  1. I really like this art style… but February? ugh

  2. i love lobster johnson. I hope this is the start of a lot more adventures

  3. nice, great art