TEASER: Learn the Origins of The Gun in SKULLKICKERS #14

It’s a dungeon-crawler of comic proportions, but Shorty and Baldy have one item in their inventory that no sorcerer, kobold or storied berserker can claim. It’s no health potion, golden fleece or frost protection stave. Oh, no.

This here’s a gun. The gun. Gold plated and imbued with an endless chamber of goblin-slushing ammo, it’s the only firearm in the Skullkickers universe. This week, we find out where it came from and how it came to hold that sheen and that impossible quantity of bullets.

Image Comics has offered up a little teaser of Skullkickers #14 by Jim Zub, Edwin Huang and Misty Coats. These are the only images from the full issue that don’t spoil the story (which we’ve read and heartily enjoyed). If I may say, they did a damned fine job with this teaser, as any other glimpse of the book would prove a total shocker. Even still, is that a…well, just have a look-see.




  1. This series has been great from day one, the way they show actions with words is brilliant.

  2. ooooh this is exciting! man, i just love this series, and that’s saying something because i RARELY like stuff in the medieval fantasy genre. Its just a really fun good time….i agree, the “call out” of actions into words is awesome, and totally funny. It reminds me of people calling out moves they wish they could make when they play pickup basketball.

  3. I will always be indebted to Jimski for introducing me to this series. Such a great book

  4. Really excited for this issue as the series has been a joy to read.

  5. Bought the 1st HC and haven’t read it yet but look forward to it.

  6. Treasuretrove

  7. Now I wanna know what the damn gold gun is and haven’t read anything about it yet.