TEASER: Is Kirk Fit to Lead ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’?

You’ve seen the announcement trailer. If you journeyed with Bilbo, Gandalf and the boys, you may even have seen close to ten minutes of additional footage. Today, we’ve got the official teaser for Star Trek Into Darkness. And that’s all prior to the release of a traditional theatrical trailer. Marketing, she is a strange, strange thing these days.

The focus of the initial announcement was surely the enigmatic villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch, a character that has since been identified as John Harrison. We may have a name and further clarification of his role as a Star Fleet officer, but the full nature of his story and even his abilities, remains a tantalizing and welcome mystery.

As for this new trailer, the thrust is certainly a sense of loss and failure, with ominous images of space-age caskets, mass destruction, and a harrowing lecture from Bruce Greenwood’s Christopher Pike to the reckless James Kirk.

Into Darkness indeed.

 “Thrusters on full.”

You can also watch the full teaser trailer at Apple’s site.


  1. WOW just WOW

  2. Looks goooooood!

    So this is going to be Kirk’s coming of age story where he sheds his wide-eyed cowboy mentality and learns how important his crew and friends are to him and how he has to take a more measured approach to command to ensure they come home alive? Cool.

  3. Looks cool. Lots of falling, jumping, flying.

  4. I saw this in the theaters this weekend and I yelped at the hands between glass – assuming it’s Kirk and Spock – very STII: Wrath of Khan moment call back…CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS

  5. It’s gonna be goooooddddd….

  6. I really enjoyed the first one (the opening scene had me in tears), but I admit to being uneasy. As a longtime Star Trek fan, I’m fully aware of how bad the franchise had gotten by the end of the last decade; the memory of Nemesis is painful to me. And certainly, if the choice is between a pretty good action movie, and something else that’s more “true” to Star Trek but is as poorly put together as Nemesis, by all means, make the action picture. I just hope that there’s an interesting Sci-Fi idea in there somewhere.

  7. Ten minutes of it before The Hobbit? What?!

  8. This trailer got me pumped up in a way the Man of Steel failed to. It looks fantastic!

  9. I was overwhelmed how awesome this trailer looked……

    Cumberbatch voice over is epic; I predict he is going to be great villain….whoever he turns out to be!

    Star Trek and Comic book movies now totally dominate modern media……

    Can’t wait for the Enterprise crashing in the Ocean (if it is the Enterprise); I have booked the Hobbit at the London IMAX just to see the 9 minutes of Trek! Screw the hobbit and its 48 frames……I need to see that footage!

  10. Man of Steel trailer=0
    Star Trek Into Darkness trailer= A # 1!

  11. “Grimdark, did you remember when we grimdarked the grimdark.”

    The first movie was stupid, but silly, this looks like grimdarkgritty. The pallette has been greyed too.


    Every trailer ever.

  12. Man, I can’t wait

  13. This cannot get here fast enough!!!!!

    “I have been and always shall be your friend”

  14. I saw the ten minute preview at The Hobbit the other night. If that’s any indication of the overall quality, this one is definitely going to top the first one.

    I was expecting a fun but quiet ten minutes of footage. What I saw was anything but quiet, and way too intense to be called simple fun. It even had a crazy cliffhanger! I was excited before, but now I can’t wait!