Teaser: Forget What’s NOW! What’s “NEXT” for MIND THE GAP?

While some publishers are focusing on what’s NOW! this fall, Jim McCann, Rodin Esquejo and Sonia Oback are zeroing in on what’s NEXT for the cast of the creepy boo-dunit Mind the Gap. Elle’s journey is growing weirder by the issue, and by the time issue #4 rolls out, she’s playing little red riding hoody to some anthropomorphic big bads! We’re not just crying wolf here; some limbo-dwelling lycanthropes are on the prowl, and they’re not wearing zoot suits. Where’s Liam Neeson when you need him (Prague, most likely)?

We’ve got your first look at what’s NEXT!


What’s NEXT?

Wolves. Memories. Shadowy figure revealed. An arrest. Did we mention wolves?
All this & more in MIND THE GAP #4, on sale 9/5/12.

That’s what’s NEXT.

Cover A – (JUNE120561)
Cover B – (JUNE120562)
32 pgs … $2.99


  1. Saga is, for my money, the best comic being published today. But Mind the Gap is right up there! Anyone who isn’t reading this should grab the first three issues and jump n board. It’s great and keeps getting better. Also, the back page with all the info and stuff to look for makes this a must read in single issues!

    • Absolutely agree. This book is fantastic! You can tell Jim McCann is really putting his heart into every detail. So great.

    • Yup totally. And you’re right on about the back matter. I’m not a big fan of most back matter as it usually feels forced or tacked on, very few comics actually do something interesting or unique with their back matter, but not so with Mind the Gap. Each issues’ back matter makes you want to go back and reread the issue immediately!