TEASER: Dancer from Image Comics

Today we got another teaser from Image Comics, but this time we can reveal what the teaser is for and who it’s from.

You’re familiar with Nathan Edmondson from his work most recently on The Activity from Image Comics and Grifter from DC Comics.  You’re also familiar with Nic Klein who’s dazzling art shined on Viking, also from Image Comics.

Edmondson and Klein are coming together on a new project called Dancer.

Here’s your first glimpse of Dancer

Dancer Promo


  1. One of the benefits of working with Nathan is that I’ve got to see the first 2 issues of this series so far and IT IS GOOD. Like crazy good. #Unsolicited.


  2. Pretty excited for this. Hopefully it’s more Jake Ellis than it is The Activity, though.

  3. Consider me teased.

  4. Added it to my subscriptions list, I’m teased 🙂