Teaser: Ales Kot Writes a Star-Crossed Love Letter to Los Angeles in CHANGE

Earlier this year, Ales Kot made his auspicious debut with Wild Children, a startling tale of youth in revolt. His rebellious nature is no less feverish these days as he preps his next burst of subversive comic goodness for launch. Set for December 12, 2012, Change is a star-crossed love letter to La-La Land.

We’ve got two teasers for you today, featuring the combined talents of Kot, Morgan Jeske, Sloane Leong and Ed Brisson.

Here’s hot Kot describes the story.

A foul-mouthed struggling screenwriter who moonlights as a car thief. An obscenely wealthy rapper completely disconnected from the real world. A dying cosmonaut on his way back to Earth.

Los Angeles is being toyed with by destructive forces that repeatedly find the city through time and swallow it whole, and those three are the only people able to save it – if they survive the fanatics who live in the hills, NSA agents, and the horrors that lurk in the Pacific Ocean.

Let’s make and read new comics.



  1. Loved Wild Children and this looks pretty great too. Can’t wait. Ales is someone I’m going to keep looking out for

  2. I’m on board with this. “Wild Children” was interesting, almost more as a statement of intent than a cohesive narrative – so I’m interested in seeing where Kot goes next. Really digging the artwork here too. Never heard of the artists, but it looks vaguely in the vein of Graham & Stokoe.

  3. I might have to check this out. Its refreshing to hear of someone who doesn’t bitch about life in L.A. 24/7 at a minimum.

  4. Because I sometimes forget to mention important things: CHANGE will be $2.99 per issue.

  5. Wild Children was a random purchase for me and it also completely shocked me with how distinctive and engaging it was. The story stands up to multiple reads and interpretations. This set-up intrigues me and has a kind of Southland Tales flavor to it. Sign me up!

  6. hmm ill give the first issue a shot the premise seems intriguing