Take Graphic.ly Survey. Win $100 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Did you know Graphic.ly releases new books every single day?  Not that this has anything to do with the post, but if you haven't checked it out in a while, maybe now's a good time?  Just get to Graphic.ly and install the app.

All that aside, right now is a great time to help out Graphic.ly and iFanboy, and just maybe… yourself.  Take THIS SURVEY.  There are only 8 questions, and it won't take that long.  But the best part is that 3 folks who take the survey will win $100 Amazon gift certificates!

So take a couple minutes, answer the questions, and cross your fingers. If you've got a little time left over, there are a ton of comics you could read on Graphic.ly, and many of them are FREE.  Plus, just like iFanboy, the Graphic.ly difference is community, interaction, and connections. 

Make with the clicking.


  1. done and done. awesome and easy

  2. Done. I was a bit verbose (shockingly).

  3. If you win, make sure you spend the $100 gift certificate after following iFanboy’s Amazon link. 

  4. To be entered, we have to say they can contact us for clarification?  Because if I say no to that, they have no idea who I am.  Argh.

  5. This was awkward to fill out considering I don’t actually use Graphically but dammit I wanted to enter to win the prize. 

  6. done and done.

  7. @Josh…. Did I win Graphic.ly’s last contest where you name their viewer?

  8. @Jesse – we didn’t run that contest ourselves, the Graphicly proper people did, but I’m guessing not, or you’d probably know.

  9. Pretty painless survey but-

    The first question is a little emo isn’t it?

  10. @ericmci: Not really.

  11. HAHAHA Conor! That was awesome.

  12. I don’t even understand what that’s supposed to mean.

  13. Sorry ’bout that I meant the second question.

  14. Done.

  15. I started the survey but felt I would have to lie or sound like an asshole to finish it.

    I hope people win who can truly give them helpful information and are not just completing it for a chance at the gift certificate.

  16. Done.  I am excited to check out their reader, although I am not sure how I feel about the digital wave yet.  Sort of like getting a kindle.

  17. Did the survey. Wa-hoo!

  18. Done. 

  19. Umm did we ever find out who won this?