Take Dr. Doom’s wife… please!

In July we alerted you to the fact that Dr. Doom, the absolute ruler of Latveria and general maniacal genius, has been moonlighting as a stand-up comedian.

Well, he’s back. And now he has moved on to prop comedy.

Thanks to stuclach for the head’s up!


  1. This Doom guy is good, he should write the Doom funny comic.

    This guy does Spider-Man videos on youtube, hilarious and very in character.  Inside jokey feel for Spider-Man fans.  Link below. 


  2. Couldn’t help but laugh all the way through that!  Hilarious!  And it appears Doom has gathered himself quite a following!

  3. reed richards says tomatoe i say tomatoe reed richards says potattoe i say fuck you reed richards favorite joke from the act.

  4. Is it just me or is his costume slightly higher quality that it was last time.  The hat works.

  5. the hat is a great nod to gallagher.  I love doom doing prop comedy, and even more so, I love the fact that he needs an assistant to do it. 

  6. He seems a lot more confident in this video, and the crowd reacts more. He’s clearly started to become better known at a local level. Funny stuff.

  7. My favorite bit was the "Fuck you Reed Richards!" bit. Or the Invisible Woman watermelon. That was pretty much just awesome.

  8. Great stuff, probably not the best to watch at work, but no one seemed to mind.  Also, "A bowl of Trix…because Sue Storm is a whore" was excellent.

  9. Better than both FF movies.

  10. This guy’s a genius.

  11. If I were a Jewish boy on the threshold of manhood, I would want this guy to perform at my Bar Mitzvah.

  12. @RaceMcCloud – No doubt!

  13. So goofy and funny.

  14. I didn’t think it was as good as the first time until "A Bowl of Trix…. because Sue Storm is a whore." Than I laughed uncontrollably. The crackers and lemons jokes, too.

    Also how has no one mentioned he’s using Stormbreaker!? For shame, geeks. For! SHAME! 

  15. smashing melons will always be funny, the trick is context. 

  16. so that’s what dooms been up to, damn!

  17. Ah I love it!

  18. I said stormbreaker as soon as he pulled it out.


  19. So, based on Marvel continuity, this takes place right before The Civil War, right?

  20. I’m starting to see these videos popping up all over the place. 

  21. @jmsnyder: That’s what she said?

  22. *rimshot for flakbait*

  23. guess you had to be there, or maybe I’m a sour pus

  24. I actually think my favorite joke might have been, "How many members of the Fantastic Four does it take to screw in a light bulb?"  But then, I watched this vid before I watched the first, in which his entire act is basically re-appropriated racist jokes made absurd and inoffensive to anyone but the Fantastic Four.

  25. Also noticed Stormbreaker instantly.

    Now I want a Stormbreaker!  Is someone selling those?