Super Powers: Still Not Likely

You may have seen a book, or a cable channel program about the science behind superheroes recently. It’s been a strange offshoot from the sudden popularity of comic book movies, that scientists are publishing books on the possible science behind amazing powers. One book on the market now is The Science of Superheroes.

The Philadelphia Inquirer explains some other points about real life super powers. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Superman, for example, could likely never exist at the strength level he shows, unless he came from a planet that was larger and more dense than our sun.

So no, it’s very unlikely that a terrible accident will leave you anything but a horribly scarred future, which is very unlike what I’d imagined as a small child. Like so many other things really…


  1. A good friend gave me this book and I couldn’t put it down for like 3 straight days. It’s really well written, explaining the superheroes and their powers in question and then analyzing them to see if they are realistic in our world. Unfortunately, alot of proves to not be realistic. Although, of course, the one superhero who is realistic – Batman.

  2. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I remember reading something once saying that if Batman really did those kinds of swinging around things with ropes and stuff, the forces involved would rip his arms out of their sockets, no problem.

    I guess the cape would cover the hole though…

  3. LIES!!! You speak LIES!!!