‘Superman Returns’ Teaser Debuts Thursday (UPDATED)

At the risk of being mistaken for a Smallville fansite, it has been revealed that the trailer for Superman Returns will debut on Thursday November 17, sometime during Smallville.

It will be shown theatrically at select screenings of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Friday the 18th.

They did this over the summer with Batman Begins — they showed a full scene instead of a trailer — and I have to admit that I tried to resist watching, but in the end I could not turn away. Personally, I can’t wait to see the teaser for Superman Returns.

UPDATE: The trailer is here!


  1. I’m glad they’re showing it on Smallville, cause I sure as hell ain’t going to the Harry Potter movie.

  2. It’s getting good reviews!

  3. This is another example of you hating something for no reason. I’ve read every Harry Potter book, and I’ve seen every movie, and you know damned well I’m discerning. As a comic book fan, and a fan of bad teen drama, you have no reason to not like Harry Potter other than you don’t want to be one of “those people”.

  4. I have to agree with Josh on his points on Harry Potter. Being a punker, I highly skeptical and jaded to anything the mainstream or popular culture likes. I resisted reading Harry Potter for a number of books, but then my son wanted them for his bedtime story.

    I enjoyed them. However, in the last two years, Potter fans annoy the fuck out of me.

    Luckily, I don’t know any Da Vinci Code fans. Liked that book too.

    However, I attempted to watch Smallville tonight. Holy jalopeno on a stick – how can anyone say this go is in anyway good? The dialogue stucks. What was the point of that scene? What? Does any of this make sense to anyone?

    My saints in Heaven, that show sucks dog ass.

  5. The treaser trailer was okay. It really lacked the “wow” moment.

    But Brando gave me chills.

  6. I don’t to defend or justify my likes or dislikes of something. I’m not saying its bad or the quality is low, just that I’m not interested. To think I would make an uneducated decision of like or dislike or anything would be ridiculous.

    But thank you Toga for pointing out one of the biggest annoyances in years.

    As for the trailer, I agree it did lack the WOW factor, but I am intrigued, I liked the 40s look/feel – reminded me of Sky Captain but less muddy. I’m still not sold on the Superman casting, but I’m sure that the movie will be the final judgement of that.

    Think that shot of him in space was influence by that Alex Ross Prestige format book from a few years ago or what?

  7. I do.

  8. he looks good in the costume.

    is this movie connected to the others?

    why did they use old brando?

    looked cool though.

  9. the phrase “I sure as hell ain’t going to the Harry Potter movie” implies that there is something about it that is awful and/or stupid. It’s certainly not a reasoned declaration about how you don’t like something, but it’s fine for others.

  10. I’ve got the teaser on my iPod – it looks awesome!