‘Superman Returns’ Clips Posted Online

The Movie Reporter has posted 11 short clips from the eagerly anticipated Superman Returns!

Full disclosure — I haven’t watched these myself.

My hand has shaken as I’ve hovered the mouse over the clips, but so far I have been strong enough to resist. I want to go into this film as fresh as I possibly can, trying to limit my exposure to the trailers and commercials. But those of you who aren’t as obsessed about being unspoiled as I am — enjoy!



  2. I agree! Media Blackout! Media Blackout!


  3. So no one’s gonna look at these clips, huh?

  4. I’m not.

  5. Im even more hyped to see the movie after watching the clips.

  6. OK, so i’ve seen the 3 trailers and some of those clips… Yes, i’m super excited to see this. I think I’ve turned into a Bryan Singer fanboy; he’s the greatest and everything he does is ultra awesome!

    I’m really excited but not because of the action it will pack.. but more for the dramatic momemts and, dare I say, the romantic and intrspectic ones. Yes, he does go into touchy feely territory, but hey, I relate more with that than punching and saving the world. Anyway, is cool. I think Brandon will define Sups for the next 20 years; haven’t seen him but I’m betting on him.

    Yep, and it’s just around the corner!

  7. Wow. Newsarama’s review is up. Watch out.


  9. Conor…….. ;-P

    Foolio….. lol …….. You trip me out :0)

    Comic Nerd

  10. I just like to go in fresh, my man!

  11. I’ve seen them all.

    I feel so good.

    I’m going to check it out at the IMAX in 3D!!!

  12. I just arrived from Bonnaroo. I can’t click on ANYTHING on this website it’s all spoilers and shit. I’m on my way to the comic shop now so that I can read Civil War #2 and rejoin the Ifanboy gang.

    And no Superman clips for me. woowoo