Superman License Plate is Coming to Ohio

Ohio has many famous sons. From the Wright Brothers, the inventors who flew the world’s first airplane in North Carolina, to Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, Ohioans have spent generations doing great things after leaving their home state. On this list is also Superman, who was created by Cleveland residents Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel in 1938.

License PlateTo celebrate the 75th anniversary of Superman, the state of Ohio is releasing a specialty license plate based on the Man of Steel. Alongside the traditional Superman S-shield are the words “Truth, Justice, & the American Way,” first coined by the Adventures of Superman radio show. Also, there’ll be a series of numbers and letters, though that’s not special to this particular license plate.

Coming in October to Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles locations all around the state, this specialty plate has traveled a bumpy road to get to this point, we recommend everyone to check the site so that everyone has the best vehicle to take to the event. From corporate legal clearances to legislative snafus, this particular plate has been in the works for years and has been championed along the way by the Siegel and Shuster Society of Cleveland. This is the same organization behind a Superman display at the Cleveland airport and the people who raised money for the restoration of the former Jerry Siegel family home.

On top of the regular license plate fees, this plate will cost Ohio residents an additional $20, with a portion of that money flowing to the Siegel and Shuster Society. Other specialty plates include ones for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a cute kitten face, and the Cincinnati Bengals. But for fans of Superman, there’s really no choice which plate is the one for them. In fact, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also turn your favorite works of art and comic graphics into wall murals to remodel your home or office space.

As I live in Ohio, I’m really looking forward to October. Unfortunately, this plate isn’t available for out-of-state fans as there is no commemorative version of the plate in the works. For now, it’ll just be us Ohioans who get to celebrate their love of Superman in this way unless you want to buy a car and get it registered in Ohio for the sole purpose of getting this license plate. That’s up to you.

More information about the plates can be found at Cleveland’s Plain Dealer and Sun News website¬†here.


  1. Darn it, I’m jealous!

  2. That’s really cool, I can’t wait to start seeing those on the road.

  3. Hey, I live in Ohio and drive a motor vehicle! I should get one of these. Not for any real reason than that I love Superman and it’s only in Ohio (there had to be perks to living here eventually). Not that crazy about the “Truth, Justice, and the American way” being on there to be honest.

  4. My dad just told me about this! Can’t wait to get one.

  5. Would buy it if they left out “the american way”.

  6. Somewhat tempted to buy a set of wheels instate for this plate. All one has to do is buy a lemon and your good to go.

  7. Since I’m in Ohio and I’m a Superman fan, I will definitely getting one. Though, I do want to personalize it too. I’ll have to think about what I want it to say. Kal-El? Krypton-1938? Any ideas?

  8. New York State should do a Batman plate with “Criminals are a Superstitious and Cowardly Lot” on it.