‘SUPERMAN’ Cast Taking Shape

We’ve heard rumors of this for the past few weeks now, but we finally got confirmation the casting of Lois Lane and Lex Luthor is complete. Kevin Spacey will be Lex Luthor and Kate Bosworth will be Lois Lane.

Rumor has it Bosworth beat out Beyonce’ for the role.

Interesting that Spacey is working with Bryan Singer again and also that Spacey and Bosworth were just in Beyond the Sea, the Bobby Darin bio-pic.

I think Spacey will make a fantastic Lex. Bosworth on the other hand, while she’s quite the looker, cannot act the way out of a cardboard box. Did you see the surfing movie?


  1. She was good in the surfing movie.

  2. Has anyone seen Beyond the Sea?

    I hear not so good things.

    Regardless, I was happy when I heard the Spacey news, although, I think it says that Bosworth is in negotiations, which means it’s not a lock.

  3. i don’t think spacey is a good choice for LEX. something about him doesn’t fit.
    i try to see it and all i can think of is him in the garden of good and evil movie.
    he says lex luthor to me as much as arnold swartzaneger says doc. occ

  4. I see ‘Karl Hungus’ in the roll of Lex, it’s a plus that he’s already bald.