Superheroes and P-Shop, one of my favorite sites, has a Photoshop challenge going on, with the theme of “situations where a superhero’s powers would be a liability.” There are some excellent entries.

Make sure you let the whole page load and take a look at all of them. Some near the bottom are fantastic.


  1. There are some really, really bad ones.

    I think the bad to funny ratio is like 3:1.

    That having been said, there some really funny ones. Although the funniest bit on there isn’t a photoshopping, but one dude’s explanation of why his photoshop of Superman holding up the wing of a plane is funny:

    Ok, ok, I’ll clear things up a little (this time).

    Superman’s flying around and sees a 747 in the air with the #3 engine missing (which is typical if it is ferrying its own engine in the cargo bay if a spare one isn’t available in the area where it took off from), and thinks about helping it out by adding more thrust to the plane.

    I figured that since superman might be too powerful for the plane and the airline might be liable to insurance claims if he wrecks the aircraft with his tremendous strength.

    Too deep I guess. 😉


  2. Y’know, I saw that and didn’t understand it. I’m not sure I do now. Damn.

    I think this made me laugh.

  3. Almost posted that myself.